4 tips for recruiting overseas workers

We live in a globalised world right now and that applies just as much to business as anything else. If you don’t take advantage of this by not only selling to more markets around the world but also by recruiting the best talent the globe has to offer, you are really missing a trick.

A lot of businesses shy away from recruiting overseas workers because they simply don’t know where to start, and although we couldn’t hope to cover every aspect of recruiting overseas workers here, we have put together some top tips to make the remote offshore hiring process a bit more simple for you…

overseas workers1. Write a really good job description

People aren’t going to relocate halfway across the globe if they don’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into. So if you want to recruit the best overseas workers, you need to create a really simple, detailed job description that clearly covers all bases. Hiring a professional business translator to help you with this will be useful, as will hiring an experienced copywriter. The better the description, the fewer misunderstandings, and the greater the chance you’ll find the right person for the job.

2. Scrutinise the skilled worker visa list

The skilled worker visa list lays out which job positions do and do not qualify for foreign working visas, which means you need to really study it before hiring. you need to do this not only so you don’t waste time recruiting for a job that no one will be able to take, but also so you can tailor and tweak your job position so that it does qualify and you can benefit from the most brilliant foreign workers.

3. Hire a lawyer

Hiring a legal professional with a good grasp of business immigration law will make the whole process a lot simpler. They’ll know all of the relevant details about the ILR application process and what you need to do to ensure your chosen candidate can legally enter the country and work for you, which means you can be sure you’ll comply with the law, find the best person for the job, and not end up wasting money on a dead end.

4. Meet the candidates

This could be difficult right now, but thanks to technology like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, it is still possible to get to know candidates before hiring them. When you’re hiring from different cultures, you need to be sure that the individual you select understands what life will be like over here and that they will be able to fit in well with the existing team without too many issues. This is something you can only really establish by speaking to them face-to-face, even if that has to be online, so be sure to get to know them as well as checking their references or you could end up making the wrong choice.

Hiring overseas is a great way to find the best talent for your business, but it should not be rushed nor should you go into it lightly – take your time and make the right choice.