Pros and cons of wearing all black outfits

Keeping up with current fashion trends can be super difficult since they change every few months. But thankfully, one of the great things about fashion right now is that almost anything goes. You can wear the brightest colors and patterns and look good, or you could do the complete opposite and still be fashionable. With few rules, you can people have come up with more ways to express themselves through their clothes. 

Even though this is the current fashion climate, most people still gravitate towards certain looks. One of the most popular looks within the last four or five years has been wearing all black everything. Darker colors like navy, maroon, grey, and black are all very popular right now too, however, they aren’t used for whole outfits like black is. 

all black outfitsWearing all black is very literal and means everything in the outfit is black, from accessories to lip color. This can be a great look, but just like all fashion movements, there are pros and cons to following it. 


The most obvious advantage of black is that it’s a basic color and matches everything, even black. Not long ago, black was only meant to be worn at funerals, however, now style icons changed that by incorporating black pieces into everyday wear. Not only that, but black is usually associated with being chic, rich, and shows confidence from the wearer. 

It’s also known that black is a slimming color, which is one reason why wearing all black outfits appeal to so many women. 

Wearing all black, or primarily black also has some practical reasons too, not just for fashion reasons. Since black is a basic color and goes with anything, it’s a great base to wear if you’re looking to accessorize. Even if you would like to stick with a black palate for your accessories, since black so well-liked and basic, almost all accessories come in black. This ensures that there are always great options to choose from. 

Black also can work year round. Of course, not all pieces do, as you wouldn’t wear a black turtleneck sweater in the middle of the summer, but there are some that look great no matter what. The trick is to vary the materials and add some slight texture to at least one piece. This helps give the outfit more dimension and shows that the pieces are separate from each other. Finding the ‘different’ pieces can also be super fun and having those 

One last added bonus to having an all black outfit is that if you spill something on it, it usually doesn’t show up. This is great because accidents happen and things get dirty. Not having to deal with a complete fashion emergency is always nice, so having the ‘safety and comfort’ of an all black outfit can be wonderful. 


Clearly, there are good things about wearing all black outfits, but there are also some not-so-glamorous things about it too. 

The main complaint from people is the heat. This usually happens in the summer months, as the sun’s energy is absorbed by black and other dark colors more. This is particularly bad if you’re wearing black slides. While they’re a great staple shoe to have, be mindful of where you leave them if you wear them in the hotter months. 

Another con is while they might hide some stains, black tends to show a lot more hairs (usually from pets) and other fuzzies. These can easily be taken off, however, it can sometimes distract from the outfit if there is a lot of it visible.