Gift ideas for B2B customers in 2021

Client gifts are not just a kind gesture to give your customers at the end of the year.

Sending gifts to your customers shows them that you appreciate their business. It also shows that you care enough to spend your time and money organising a gift for them. But one of the most challenging parts of sending gifts to clients is deciding what to get them that they would appreciate. A few gift ideas for your B2B clients should be welcome.

gift ideas for B2B clientsTaking the extra time to find the perfect client gift is about more than just showing you care – it’s also a smart business move. When your client receives a special gift from you, it puts your business at the front of their mind, helping to generate future business and referrals.

Tips for choosing the best client gifts

With the environment very much on people’s minds, disposable plastic novelty-type items won’t do anymore. People want high-quality products that make them feel valued, and they can put them to good use. There’s a huge assortment of corporate gifts on the market to impress your clients, from technology gadgets with your logo to the classic Parker pen. But make sure you choose carefully and opt for quality gifts that are thoughtful and personal – your clients will notice the difference!

Five gift ideas for your B2B clients

Before you decide on the exact type of gift, do plenty of research to find out what your client likes and what’s important to them. Then you can surprise them with an item they’ll love and use long into the future.

Here are five gift ideas to inspire you and find your B2B clients the perfect surprise.

1. An inspiring book

If you know that your client has a favourite author, get them the writer’s latest books. You could even go the extra mile and see if you can get hold of an early edition of their favourite book or a signed copy. Alternatively, if you have read a great and shareworthy book or have a favourite author, you could consider giving your client a copy. Purchase a hard copy of the book, and if you flag your favourite quotes, it will transform a relatively ordinary gift into something very thoughtful and personal.

2. A beautiful pen

While pens make a very practical corporate gift, they can also be meaningful when you choose the right pen. Once the humble pen is transformed into a luxury branded pen, you have a wonderful gift that they will use day after day. Customised pens are a great gift that your client can keep for many years and will leave them with a lasting impression. Every time they use the pen, they will have a visual reminder of your business. A quality pen such as premium ballpoint or a luxury fountain pen offers a more sustainable option than disposables – a fact that any eco-friendly client will appreciate.

3. Indoor plants

A beautiful plant is a gift that keeps on giving. While an indoor plant can add colour and life to any desk or office, it can also reduce stress and boost productivity by up to 15%. A plant makes a wonderful gift that will stay on your client’s desk for a long time, especially if you opt for succulents. It will always be there, reminding them of your thoughtfulness. Plant gifts are a low-cost and long-term way to show your appreciation to your clients.

4. Personalised power banks

If your clients are often on the road, they may struggle to keep their devices charged. Igo Promo has a wide range of power banks to choose from that will keep your clients’ devices charged up. It’s ideal for taking to out-of-office meetings or on trips when they can’t get to a wall or car charger. Some models offer wireless charging, which your client will love. You can even get it personalised for the added personal touch, or add your own corporate branding to the power bank.

5. A charity donation

Not everyone wants material things, especially if your client gets a lot of gifts already. But if you know that there’s a charity close to your client’s heart, donating to a non-profit on their behalf is a gesture your client will certainly appreciate. If you don’t know of a specific charity they support but know they are passionate about the environment, for instance, you could help a wildlife charity or plant some trees on their behalf. Alternatively, you could opt for membership to a local nonprofit like a local park, museum, symphony, or arts organisation.

Your clients are integral to your business, so it makes sense to help secure your relationships with a special gift. Whether it’s to thank them for their business, a gift for the holidays, or you want to give them a souvenir at the end of a project. A thoughtful gift is ideal for conveying your appreciation, and to keep you at the forefront of their minds for the long-term.