These are the cheapest self storage space deals in the UK

There are dozens of cheap storage spaces in the UK which claim to offer the best prices for their value, and it gets hard for the average customer to pick out the ones which have your best interests in mind. 

Looking for the right self storage space deals – whether for business or personal reasons – can not only get stressful and time-consuming but also very expensive if you look in the wrong places.

self storage space deals STOREDTherefore, we have done the research for you so you can transition into your new house with the utmost ease! Listed below are 6 storage companies that are reliable and make good on their claims, offering the best self storage space deals, the finest security, and the top customer service in town!


STORED is one of the cheapest storage facilities there is out there, and it is made even more affordable with prices up to 15% lower than other storage units!

Unlike traditional storage facilities, STORED collects, stores, and delivers your belongings back to your doorstep. Its prices are all-inclusive, covering everything from insurance to padlocks.

The short-term packages are exciting and the long-term storage plans are even better. Renting storage space for more than 6 months can get you 15% off on the cost!

One of the biggest storage companies in the UK, STORED is the top Brighton storage company that offers quality service. It is the ultimate solution if you’re looking for an affordable and easy storage facility!

Whether you need temporary storage space for your Christmas gifts or a long-term unit for your business stock, STORED’s exclusive storage deals will have you covered!

2. The Self Storage Outlet

SSO helps you browse through hundreds of storage units throughout the UK, whether that be a London storage facility or a Brighton storage company, to find the cheapest and best deals in town!

The entire storage process is made extremely convenient and hassle-free. Convey all your requirements and leave them to SSO to find you the best quote!

Whether you require storage for your business documents or your college supplies, SSO will help you find facilities with the best value for the price. If you want to spend less on storage space and more on living, then SSO should be your top choice!

3. SafeStore

SafeStore has 125 stores across the UK, with 47 of them located in and around London. Apart from being easily accessible, the facilities also offer affordable and flexible storage services.

It has a low price guarantee where it matches prices with competitors and then claims to beat their offers by up to 10% during the first 8 weeks and match it for the rest of the duration – an amazing opportunity to reduce your costs of storage space when you’re on a budget!

If you’re moving houses and need storage for only a few days, their weekly prices are extremely affordable (just a few pounds per week!) or if you require long-term storage space for business, their long-term discounts are even better!

They also have an offer for new customers of a whopping 50% off for the first 8 weeks. With so many deals and discounts, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be opting for SafeStore!

4. EasyStorage

Based on the brand values of empathy, trust, and transparency, EasyStorage is highly reliable, flexible, and convenient. It is a low-cost self storage service and is calculated to be 50% cheaper than traditional storage!

At EasyStorage, a wide range of unit sizes are available, meaning you only pay for the storage space you use!

It offers exclusive coupons and codes which can get you discounts up to £25 on your first month of usage. Whether you are a startup owner or a university student, there’s definitely a coupon out there for you!

Along with its discounts, EasyStorage also provides picking and dropping facilities. Collected, stored, and returned – the storage process is made so much easier and convenient!

5. Big Yellow Self Storage

Another company offering cheap storage space deals in the UK is Big Yellow. With advanced technology for extra security, it claims to offer smarter business storage at the best prices.

Big Yellow has a Lowest Price Guarantee whereby they match prices with any store within 3 miles so you can get the best cheapest deals!

You can avail a 50% discount if you refer a friend and they choose Big Yellow and new customers can also get a 50% discount on their rental for their first 4 or 8 weeks – it’s great either way!

In addition to the introductory discounts, you can also get 5% more discount if you prepay for your storage services.

Whether you’re looking for smaller units for a couple of personal items or a larger storage space for your heavy furniture, Big Yellow has got it all! Cheaper value rooms are also available which cost 15% less than standard storage units.

Its Brighton storage company also consists of a purpose-built facility which is proud to be supporting local charities and schools along with making great profits!

6. Henfield Storage

Henfield Storage is a small and secure self storage company located in Brighton. Although it only has a handful of stores in London, Henfield undoubtedly offers the cheapest prices in town!

Henfield’s low-cost Brighton storage company is highly accessible and extremely affordable, even without the £50 discount of registering on the website.

They offer many discounts which are all inclusive of free collection – prepaying for 3 months gets you a 5% discount, prepaying for 6 months gets you a 10% discount, and prepaying for 12 months can get you a 15% discount. The longer you stay, the better deals you can get!

Henfield claims to be 64% cheaper than other self storage companies and its storage space price savings have been praised by The Times newspaper as well!

Which one’s for you?

Whether you’re going for London self storage or a Brighton storage company, it is essential you lay out your priorities and look behind the hidden charges. This is why price-matching is so important – it will help you squeeze every cent out of your storage space!

How much are you willing to pay? Do you require any extra services? What is the location of the storage unit? Asking yourself such questions will help you shortlist a company and make an informed decision.

Doing your research well in advance will allow you to store your belongings easily, quickly, and cheaply. So, get working because the perfect self storage space deals are not far away!