Live Home 3D — A great home design app

With every spring or new year coming, we all can experience a strong need or desire to change something in us and the surrounding, and the choice usually turns next to the place we live in or spend a lot of time there. Once you start looking for qualitative means to redesign your home or office, it would be a troublesome challenge to ask for professional assistance.

That is one of the reasons why the home interior design app is gaining popularity. Not only are they more flexible and versatile when it comes to adding and discussing updates and modifications to the created project, but these tools can deprive you of certain complicated scenarios and challenging learning curves. Live Home 3D is a high-ranked app in this perspective. Check out for its impressive functionality!

home design app Live Home 3DEasy to learn

Of course, it would be an exaggeration to say it is as simple as ABC to create a complex home interior design without auxiliary solutions. The range of benefits Live Home 3D offers starts with its magnificent collection of templates. Newcomers and non-experienced customers don’t have to dive into the architecture universe that much — you can adjust the ready-made layouts and set up the room/building dimensions needed.

With the help of a specialized program, it is simpler to stick to a particular style in design — all of the decoration tools are at your disposal 24/7. So you aren’t limited by the short duration of meetings with third-party organizations to speak about your intentions and wishes. Live Home 3D is advantageous in terms of its intuitive navigation and a great collection of tutorials enabling enthusiasts to achieve fluid performance within the system in the shortest time frame possible.

Tons of materials and furniture items

The home interior design app allows consumers to pick up materials and furniture in advance during the preparation stages. The program includes dozens of structures and textures to implement into your layout and check their compatibility and visual attractiveness.

Apart from the built-in collections of objects, the software can boast of its integration with Trimble 3D Warehouse. Choosing materials you like and mixing them feels resembles a visit to a huge store with all these goods but remotely. In turn, you can get a perspective view of your renovated space.

You are free to make experiments and optimize your furniture arrangement according to your dedicated style. For instance, giving the priority to Scandinavian designs and minimalism projects is an interior design trend in 2021, introduced through top-notch decorations and natural color shades.

Multifunctional working environment

Instead of drawing plans on paper and recreating their 3D versions later as separate tasks, Live Home 3D offers a unique option to switch between 2D and 3D floor plans. The process is completely automated and doesn’t require your control or guidance. By switching between different modes, users can see what is missing or is extra in their layouts and make corresponding adjustments.

Accessibility of the results

Searching for a reliable and reputable interior design app, consumers often skip the stage of checking how they can work with the final project results. However, apart from paying attention to decoration and construction tools, it is essential to take into account how to save files and export to which formats are available.

Live Home 3D is a very versatile tool in this perspective. On the one hand, this solution supports export to multiple document formats, including BMP, JPEG, and PNG, and offers the ability to share the project with several collaborators. Teamwork will be surely complemented by this decision. On the other hand, users are free to arrange 3D walkthrough tours and create videos and 2D scenes to spread via channels like Vimeo and other social networks. This is how your converted 2D plans can reach a wide audience.

Wrap it up

Live Home 3D offers various tools to work with floor plans and separate design elements like materials and furniture. The accessibility of templates, additional collections are also appreciated. The app is doing its best to provide the functionality every user would dream of.

Also, it is worth mentioning Live Home 3D can be downloaded and tested for free on Mac and Windows systems, as well as iPadOS and iOS gadgets. Don’t hesitate to give a test drive to this slick home design app!