Catchy headings and titles with Art Text app

The content of your message is crucial, but don’t underestimate the visual aspect of the words. To make sure the target audience will notice your message out of a myriad of others, brands focus on styling their text and using divergent text effects.

At the same time, the simplified access and excellent customization skills are to be preserved — who wants to spend time suffering from mastering complicated design learning curves? That is where Art Text is a worthy solution, especially for beginners.

Art Text screenshotWhat are its benefits and reasons to give your final preference to it? Stay tuned to check it out!

Easy and affordable text effects

For macOS customers who are oriented on fast and qualitative results, Art Text will seem a total breeze, especially if compared to software like Adobe Photoshop. Unlike the mentioned alternative, Art Text differentiates with its intuitive navigation and a well-thought-out menu and toolbar. You won’t spend hours just to find the feature needed.

From the main window, consumers can modify and control the offered palette of options. Under the Help tab, you will find a special button to drive a quick-start guide. The system offers certain keyboard shortcuts to simplify the program’s operation.

This application is an affordable option thanks to its breath-taking text effects of divergent styles and genres. Not only are enthusiasts enabled to make experiments with 2D and 3D layouts, but also they expand their circle of abilities by visualizing custom templates, icons, vector graphics, text curves, logos, and more.

Typography features

What is adorable about Art Text is its unique mix of functions. It is considerably more cost-efficient than products of the Adobe suite, but the features accessible aren’t lacking in terms of finding a compromise between the total price and quality.

The ability to convert images into text effects is especially marvelous in this regard. All you need to do is to access the Smart Shapes feature and start your magic. You can import any photos and images as background styles.

Only imagination is what limits you in choosing textures for your letter samples: the range of available options includes fruit, vegetables, metals, gems, coffee beans, air balloons, etc. That said a multitude of text effects is adjustable and customizable. So you can tune the present presets and create unique designs in the twinkle of an eye.

Besides, it is not a problem to prepare a distinctive text for your objectives with the help of text effect tools. Consumers are free to alter blend modes and work thoroughly on gradients, lighting, shadowing, distortion, glow, and other effects. The use of masking tools when compared with other features will lead you to sophisticated yet mind-blowing results.

The best text effects app

Without a doubt, Art Text is to become a wonderful source of inspiration for both newcomer and experienced businesses. Just take a look at the list of 2D and 3D text effects that will help you with all your presentation and marketing activities:

  • Foodie styling — Whether you have to prepare a menu for your restaurant or a flyer of your season deals, such effects will make your visitors into yummy-meal-seekers for sure. Condiment typography and lettering are at your disposal too.
  • Clean and simple — Of course, minimalism is always trendy. The ready-made templates are your best way to introduce elegance and delicacy to your brand identity.
  • Creative rendering — Grunge, retro, psychedelic, bubble, glitch, toxic, neon, snake — what are your associations from these effect describers? Don’t hesitate to test their visual beauty on your own.
  • Deep words — Tricking customers with applying multi-layer view perspectives is worth trying, and Art Text offers numerous 3D transformations where light and shadows are mixed in outstanding performances.
  • Occasion-oriented effects — Without a doubt, holidays and special dates have already predetermined the way text content should look. For example, St. Valentine ornaments have to be sweet and glamorous, while winter season patterns are frequently a nice combination of New Year and Christmas customs and traditions. Art Text has already prepared a rich collection of matching effects, suitable for numerous occasions.
  • Watercolor, hand-written, and drawing effects — People’s desire to implement artistic styles is a long-term champion in the text typography and lettering trends. But don’t underestimate their power — Art Text proves how divergent in the moods and characters these rendering options can be.

Wrap it up

The software developer has done their best to introduce such a multifunctional application to be a solid competitor to other major typography and lettering giants on the market. Reasonable price and plenty of tools for experimenting and creating complex projects from scratch in a hassle-free manner — Art Text is definitely a top-notch solution for designers and graphic artists.