Does performance marketing promise the best business growth?

If you want to reach your goals quickly, and grow your business in a meaningful way, then performance marketing could well be the right choice for you. It enables you to build a direct connection between the campaign that you create and the sales that this campaign creates, meaning that the link between the two can be easily demonstrated.

Companies such as ZeroPark pride themselves on their ability to reach these goals in an expedited fashion. But does performance marketing promise the best business growth? Here’s everything you need to know about whether this is the right marketing route for you:

performance marketingWhat is performance marketing?

In brief, performance marketing is a kind of online marketing that focuses on achieving short-term goals. It targets customers directly to secure a purchase, and can easily track the customers journey, helping businesses to achieve better sales and conversion numbers. What makes performance marketing particularly appealing, especially to small and medium businesses, is that you only pay for your advertising when there is a measurable result. This result can be securing a sale, a click, or even a business lead depending on what you set as your target when you establish your campaign.

Why is performance marketing so attractive?

In short, performance marketing is attractive to businesses of all sizes because the results are measurable. You can monitor your client or customer journey, and quickly and easily assess which of your search terms, campaigns or strategies is proving most successful. It can help your brand to elicit an emotional response or connection with its target audience, and this strong bond can be incredibly appealing, and generate extra reach via social media shares or other forms of online review. This is an additional route to business growth and sales outside of the performance targets that you are paying for, meaning that your performance marketing may have a wider reach than you first think.

The importance of creativity

What makes performance marketing so appealing to many brands based within a creative arena is that creativity within advertising and campaigns is key to their success. In fact, creativity is considered to be one of the key factors indicating how well a campaign will perform within a performance marketing arena (with targeting ranked as the eighth most significant factor). Creative advertising can help to engage with and build relationships with customers and potential customers, rather than just push advertising messages, which is considered to be an old-fashioned way to engage with your consumers.

By using an advertising agency that can take control of this creativity on your behalf, as well as automating your output to save the amount of manual work involved in the process, it is likely that you will be surprised by just how beneficial performance marketing can be. It can help you to grow your business quickly, test new campaigns in a low-risk way, and ensure that your advertising output is as targeted as possible at the same time. And because you only pay for the results you achieve, it poses a very limited financial risk to your business too.