5 industries that thrived during the pandemic

It’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone in the past year, whether individually or through business.

Since it’s hard to see it coming to an end, we can now talk about the repercussions the pandemic had on businesses worldwide. And although the ongoing virus has caused chaos for many industries, some have exceptionally thrived and continue to do so.

industries that thrived pandemicLet’s see which five industries that thrived through this unprecedented time.

Delivery services

It doesn’t come as a surprise when talking about industries that thrived during the pandemic, delivery services are close to the top of the list. Many people were not allowed to leave their house, whether due to quarantine or lockdown, and some were simply afraid. So, delivery services had made it possible for them to get what they need quickly and efficiently.

Naturally, the most utilized delivery service was related to food and drinks. Whether we’re talking about meals from restaurants or groceries, people took advantage of delivery services and had necessary items brought straight to their front door.

People rely on delivery applications that help them get what they want. What’s more, many restaurants that did not offer such services before jumped on the wagon and managed to stay afloat in these challenging times. That way, people could support their local businesses with take-out orders.

Gaming companies

Since people can’t go out for entertainment, they’re bringing entertainment to their house. Naturally, house parties and gatherings are out of the question, but online fun and board games make up for it. For that reason, gaming companies worldwide have tremendously profited from the ongoing pandemic.

Whether we’re talking about legal online casinos or old-school board games, these games have helped people keep their sanity and preserve long-distance friendships in these challenging times.

What’s interesting is that board game companies have not only thrived during the pandemic, but they’ve witnessed an unexpected boom in the last year. To be honest, not many people played classic board games in years before lockdown.

On the other hand, many people opted for online gaming in terms of multiplayer video games, social games, casino games, and other mobile-device-friendly options.

Exercise and fitness equipment

Since we’ve been working from home, our bodies required more exercise and movement. Unfortunately, many gyms and fitness centers were closed in 2020, and some still remain closed, while not everyone was able to enjoy outdoor activities. That’s where exercise and fitness equipment companies stepped in.

Some of the most successful delivery companies in the US report exercise and fitness gear to be some of the most sold-out products in the previous year. Some bestsellers include yoga mats, resistance bands, and AI exercise machines. People have embraced exercising at home, whether with the help of YouTube videos or listening to their favorite podcast.

Even people who can go outside and enjoy the nice weather opt for bicycles and rollerblades instead of walking or jogging. It’s safe to say fitness and exercise equipment will keep thriving even with the arrival of higher temperatures.

Home and garden companies

Nobody anticipated that we would spend this much time at home. Because of this, people managed to embrace some hobbies they did not have time for before. Many decided to awaken their green thumb and try out reviving their gardens or plant something for the first time.

Gardening and landscaping companies flourished during the pandemic, with many people purchasing vegetable and fruit seeds, gardening equipment, herbs, and plants. Some have even gone as far as purchasing landscaping machines like lawnmowers, gutter-cleaning tools, and similar. All in all, gardening companies have seen a spike in their sales.

A similar thing happened with home decorating companies. People realized that spending a lot of time at home meant creating a safe and comfortable environment for both work and pleasure. As many Zoom calls were taking place, people decorated their living rooms and dens to create a visually appealing space.

So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that home decoration retailers prospered during these hard times.

Cleaning services

Lastly, and probably expected, cleaning services have burgeoned during the pandemic. During these times, hygiene is everyone’s top priority, and many people and businesses have resorted to hiring cleaning services.

This is especially true for businesses that needed to stay open, like medical centers, public buildings, offices, and similar. The same goes for restaurant kitchens and other non-essential companies that kept working part- or full-time.

So, professional cleaning services thrived during the pandemic, and they will likely continue the uphill trend in the months to come. Anyone that wants to keep themselves safe will continue to require more deep cleaning.