The most absurd casino and gambling laws

Law making is a complicated process with lots of nuances. Online gambling was legalised in the nineties (starting with Antigua and Barbuda), so it’s now mostly legal to look for online uk casinos, for instance.

The more nuanced and sizable a system is, the more there tend to be funny hiccups. Here we will take a look at some of the most absurd casino and gambling laws.

casino and gambling lawsNorth Carolina bingo law

Starting with something that may seem absolutely harmless to most people – bingo. It is a fun game that doesn’t even have to be played at a casino, it can be hosted for fundraisings or just to spend quality time with your family or friends. But the legislation of the US state of North Carolina doesn’t seem to view bingo as a harmless activity. In fact, it is forbidden to host a bingo game two days in a row. We don’t know the purpose of this law, but it sure seems absurd!

Japanese casino and gambling laws

On the other side of the Earth, in Japan, there are very strict regulations on gambling. In fact, most normal gambling activities are straight up banned. There are thankfully some exceptions, like horse racing, motorsports, and lotteries, but most betting is still outlawed. That is because Japan is a nation very keen on preserving its traditions, and the old Japanese ways of operating with money already included the ban on gambling.

Dog racing in South Africa

If you like to place bets on dog racing, then the Republic of South Africa is definitely not a perfect travel destination for you. Dog racing is illegal in the whole country of South Africa. Dog racing is a popular activity in many countries around the world, but in South Africa, it is considered animal cruelty and is therefore illegal.

Poker rooms in Texas

Now back to the United States of America. In Texas, it is illegal to own or operate a poker room. The exact reasoning behind the law is unclear to us because it is still absolutely legal to enjoy a game of poker online. So if you are a poker fan that is not too obsessed with playing at a physical poker house, you should not worry when visiting the state. You can still play poker through your smartphone or computer online.

Monte Carlo casino restrictions

Next to Las Vegas and Macau, Monte Carlo is presumably one of the most extravagant locations to gamble in the whole world. The city is full of luxurious casinos and is additionally home to a Formula 1 circuit, so it is only logical that it acts like a magnet to the rich. The many casinos of Monte Carlo are just for foreigners due to a law that bans all the locals from gambling in casinos. This means that the casinos are fully dependent on tourism.