Tradedwell review: A novice traders review

TradedWell is an online trading platform that offers everything a trader needs in one place.

TradedWell gives traders access to over 170+ CFDs on various assets. Traders can use the platform on desktop, web and mobile as well as use various investment education packages to improve traders online investment knowledge. For this Tradedwell review we will use the demo account on desktop.

TradedWell reviewAs editor of Talk Business I get asked to do a lot of things, but usually reviews for trading platforms are a bit above my station. However, I have always been curious about trading. This time I thought it was time to jump into the world of trading. TradedWell is the perfect opportunity to explore this strange new world, so onto the review.

Disclaimer: I am a complete novice when it comes to trading and my first introduction to the world of trading was through this Tradedwell review.

Account set up

I started my trading journey, like with everything else, by filling out some forms.

The sign up form is fairly straight forward. You fill in your name, address and phone number. Then, before I could get any further my phone rang. It was a number from Helsinki and, luckily, I thought it was a coincidence that I picked it up.

On the other end of the phone was a lovely lady with perfect English. She explained that she was with TradedWell and was there to help me through the sign up process.

She was slightly taken aback when I explained that I had no trading experience, and it was my first time trading. However, she was very helpful and cheerful.

Whilst on the phone introducing myself, I started running through the rest of the sign up process. There were a few other details to fill in, followed by a questionnaire.

The TradedWell operative asked me to stop flying through the questionnaire so we could talk through the questions. They were all straight forward, with a couple where assistance was needed. I managed to get through it easily enough.

Onto the final part of the set up, the payment details. The process steers you towards depositing some money so you can start trading. The lady on the phone explained clearly that if nothing is deposited you would not be able to start trading. But it was easy enough to click, Not Now, and finally, make it to the platform.

Overall, the account set up was very easy. All the information was clear and the process has clearly had a lot of time spent ironing out any cracks. Having a TradedWell operative on the phone was helpful, she explained everything in excellent English and was cheerfully chatting away throughout the set up.

TradedWell reviewPlatform

My first encounter with the TradedWell platform was everything I expected from an online trading platform.

You are first greeted with a dark screen with various charts, showing the most popular trades, from trading forex to commodities. With red depicting when the trades go down in value and green for when they go up. Even to a novice like me I could work it out.

The demo account gives you £10,000 to play with. It gives you an idea of where your investing journey can start and even give you confidence when first stepping into the market.

As TradedWell is authorised by the FCA and regulated by CySEC you can take comfort in the knowledge that your money is safe.

In terms of security, they do not allow Google to save your login and password details. Be sure to use a password you can remember. So, only the trader can log into their own account and make trades.

Customer support

During the account set up the TradedWell operative was fantastic. She explained how the set up worked and cleared up any questions I had.

She also made it clear that online trading is a risk. Every trade you make has the potential to lose money.

She further explained that when I make my first deposit I would get assigned an account manager. They would help me through my trading journey. Discussing mistakes made and answering any questions I may have.

TradedWell appears to try and give a personal touch to their operation. Employing friendly and personable staff to ensure that you feel safe and secure through a potentially risky financial situation.


TradedWell is a good online trading platform for beginners and experts. The extensive support they give to traders ensures that the steep learning curve of online trading is manageable for all.

If not for the support of the TradedWell team it would have very confusing. Along with the education videos, eBooks, tutorials, and courses, there is no reason why any aspiring trader should struggle to get a grasp on the online trading world.