Energy-efficient industrial centrifugal fans for your project

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Regardless of the sector or industry you work in, efficient centrifugal fans are critical. So it is likewise essential to find a reliable manufacturer that produces the industrial centrifugal fans.

Luckily, BarkerBille can provide you with centrifugal fans that have the highest efficiency on the market.

centrifugal fansEnergy efficiency is one of the most critical aspects when BarkerBille designs its fans. They continuously develop and optimise their products to ensure that you get a stable and efficient fan that is also cost-competitive and easy to maintain.

The right centrifugal fan for you

BarkerBille can offer you a product range that consists of 24 different fan types divided into two design lines: Industrial and Heavy Duty.

The wide selection of various fan types allows BarkerBille to deliver just the right centrifugal fan that provides the required air volume at the correct pressure for the exact purpose you need.

Industrial line fans are customised and low energy-consuming fans, and you will be provided with 3D drawings instantly. It is a very cost-effective choice for an industrial fan that runs 24/7.

Furthermore, the base of the industrial line fans is constructed from steel plate, and it is either directly driven or with coupling. This makes them more cost-competitive than the Heavy Duty line while also being robust and light in its design.

Industrial line fans are fully integrated with 3D technology, which means that you will receive a customised 3D drawing of your centrifugal fan.

The Heavy Duty line fans are very robust, with features that suit your exact needs. Therefore, Heavy Duty line fans are often the right choice for fans that run 24/7 in a demanding environment or with special products.

Additionally, the Heavy Duty line’s centrifugal fans are either belt-driven, directly driven or with coupling, and the fan base is made from steel profiles. The engineering department at BarkerBille can custom-design Heavy Duty fans that suit your specific needs and requirements for centrifugal fans.

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Climate-friendly fans for reduced CO2 emissions

In cooperation with their customers, BarkerBille wants to take responsibility and help combat climate change by increasing its focus on climate-friendly centrifugal fans.

BarkerBille wants to have a dialogue with their customers about initial costs versus operating costs. By presenting their greener and cheaper solutions to the customers, BarkerBille wants their customers to choose climate-friendly fans that will help reduce CO2 emissions.

If you want a climate-friendly fan, BarkerBille will invest additional time in calculating and assessing which choice of fan is the most climate-friendly option for you.