How businesses can benefit from using powder coating 

Businesses that manufacture items, either small or large, often rely on paint to give those items a final flourish of colour and protection.

While there are many benefits to traditional liquid paint, there are also some significant disadvantages that these businesses could avoid by using an alternative. One such alternative for businesses is powder coating.

businesses using powder coatingWhile some may be familiar with powder coating, others may not, so allow us a moment to explain how the process works before highlighting some of the benefits to businesses. Unlike traditional paint that we buy in a tin or a spray can, powder coating uses paint powder (hence the name). The process is carried out by trained professionals and must take place in a sterile cleanroom to ensure the best possible results. When powder coating a metal object, it must first be cleaned to ensure the surface is ready to receive the paint. Once this has been carried out, the metal is earthed, and then the paint can be applied.

Paint powder is applied using an electrostatic gun powered by compressed air. Within the gun is an electrode that applies a positive charge to the powder, which helps the powder adhere to the earthed metal. Once fully covered in paint powder, the metal object is transferred to a curing oven, where it is baked. This further strengthens the bond between the powder and the metal.

So, what are some of the benefits to businesses of using powder coating rather than traditional paint?

Environmental impact

Like everyone else, businesses should be considering their environmental impact and how they can improve it going forward. Traditional liquid paint has some significant downsides when it comes to its environmental impact, most significantly the presence of VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds. Commonly found in solvent-based paints, VOCs are known to contribute to air pollution at two stages of the paint’s life. Firstly, when the paint is produced, then secondly, when it is applied to a surface. VOCs can also be extremely damaging to human health.

One of the most significant reasons why powder coating has a lower environmental impact than traditional paint is that it releases little to no VOCs during the painting process. It is also considered a non-toxic form of painting, and excess powder which does not stick to the target piece of metal, known as overspray, can be collected and reused. This reduces the waste generated from the process.

Durability of products

One of the key priorities for businesses, particularly in the manufacturing sector, is that their products are durable. This extends further than just the construction of the products and the materials used in the manufacturing. Paint can play a crucial role in how durable a product is, as often it will be the first area a client will notice a flaw, such as a chip or crack.

Liquid paint is highly susceptible to chips and cracks, and for manufacturing companies whose products may be sent to extreme locations around the world, this can lead to issues. However, thanks to the application process of powder coating, businesses can achieve much more durable products where the paint will stay intact in very challenging conditions. Not only is this a benefit from an aesthetic point of view but having a durable coat of paint further protects the metal from corrosion and rust. This can allow products to live and function longer and provides a higher quality of product to customers.

Variety of finishes

Even if the way a product looks is not the key feature, it’s still important. With powder coating, businesses can achieve a high-quality look and feel in a variety of finishes. Unlike with liquid paint, where pooling and streak lines are common, powder coating can provide a perfectly smooth and flat finish. Furthermore, being able to offer different textures can increase the number of clients available to businesses.

Overall, powder coating has some significant benefits when compared with liquid paint, and these benefits can really help businesses offer higher quality products to more clients. While it does require the expertise of trained powder coating specialists to carry out, the end product offers fantastic results.