10 entrepreneurial podcasts you should be listening to

Searching for some business inspiration? Or just want a new podcast to get stuck into?

Check out our top 10 entrepreneurial podcasts here…

entrepreneurial podcasts1. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

A product of Standford University, this podcast is meant to build up entrepreneurs and give them to confidence to pursue their business dreams. They make sure to feature successful business owners from a variety of backgrounds, sharing their stories and dishing out valuable advice to entrepreneurs like themselves.

2. Dorm Room Tycoon

This podcast boasts an impressive guest list and, with each interviewee offering their own accounts and knowledge, each episode focuses on different a different issue specific to their own experience. With this podcast, you can hear firsthand from industry leaders how they built their businesses up to what they are today.

3. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Third on the list of entrepreneurial podcasts is Entrepreneurs on Fire. The creators of this podcast have conducted over 3,000 interviews with extraordinary entrepreneurs such as Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss and many more. Each show tells an individual’s story with the intent to inspire and “fire up” their listeners.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show

Previously mentioned as a guest on “Entrepreneurs on Fire”, Tim Ferriss is an influential businessman and best-selling author. Tim himself also conducts interviews on his podcasts but with more mainstream names like LeBron James and Malcolm Gladwell – here you can get tips and advice from your favourite celebrities.

5. Duct Tape Marketing

This podcast is aimed specifically at entrepreneurs and small business owners, focusing on marketing and sales (but also touching on many other important concepts). Having run for over a decade, there is plenty of content for you to explore and delve into with this podcast.

6. Brown Ambition

A little different from others on this list, this podcast is designed for minority groups. Hosted by two financial reporters, this podcast also concentrates especially on the incredibly daunting aspect of your finances – how to manage your budget and create a personal investment strategy.

7. She Did It Her Way

Podcast host, Amanda Boleyn, promises to help you quit your unfulfilling 9 to 5 job and become your own boss. She focuses on money, marketing, mindset and motivation! Amanda interviews successful female entrepreneurs to get their own experiences and advice on how to follow in their footsteps.

8. Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is an excellent podcast for those just starting out on their own in business. This podcast boasts interviews with some of the most influential business owners in the world today, with Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook, and Peter Thiel of PayPal, to name a few.


TWIST is an acronym for “This Week In Startups” and focuses on web-based companies. In an era where the internet has taken over our everyday lives, more and more companies rely on modern technology. Expert advice is delivered in a blunt and humorous way, making this a particularly entertaining podcast as well as educational. 

10. Sage: Sound Advice

Last on our list of entrepreneurial podcasts is a bit of Sound Advice. The Sound Advice podcast from Sage is a one stop shop for entrepreneurs or new business owners. It is accessible for even the greenest business owners, covering basics like how to write a business plan and how to find your very first clients. Not only does it help set you up for initial success, but it also encourages you to plan for the obstacles ahead.