Why comfortable store interiors are so popular these days

Store designs have typically been very static and samey for the past few years. After all, there’s really no reason to try and do things differently when your store serves a very clear and very obvious function. People come in, they buy an item, then they go outside.

Of course, exceptions can be made for restaurants, coffee shops, and other establishments where customers stay for a while. This is why we see many different coffee shop styles; some of them are more modern-focused, while others are heavily influenced by comfortable interiors that make you feel like you’re in somebody’s home rather than a store.

comfortable store interiorsThis comfortable style of interior design has become extremely popular over the past couple of years, and there are plenty of good reasons why it’s become so common. So whether you’re opening a new store or plan to perform some renovations, here are a couple of reasons why you should consider the idea of a comfortable store interior.

More and more companies are doing it

A great example of a comfortable and home-like storefront would be the Apple store. Articles such as go much deeper into the design elements of Apple stores, but the general idea is that their purpose was to make customers feel more welcome and to draw them in with comfortable and open spaces. This allows them to walk around the store to see all of Apple’s devices while also letting them get hands-on to try them. It’s a brilliant idea that has seen many imitations, cementing the idea that these comfortable store interiors are the way forward.

They’re more affordable than you might think

People think that designing a store interior to be comfortable and homely can be expensive. While there are some centrepieces that might be a little costly, that’s not to say that it’s unachievable. Even buying something fancy such as a chandelier from a website like can be a great little addition to your store which makes it look more upscale and extravagant. If that’s the kind of style you’re looking to create, then it’s a small investment that will really show off your store and your dedication to interior design.

People will want to stay for longer

When you make your store more comfortable, you’re far more likely to make people stay for longer. When they sit in a comfortable chair and are able to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of your coffee shop, they’ll be far more likely to return and may even stay awhile to order another drink and bring out their laptop to get some work done. The idea is to foster an environment that makes people comfortable. This encourages them to come back again and also heightens the customer experience. It’s important not to forget just how crucial it is to put a smile on your customer’s faces, and there are many opportunities to do this through your store’s interior design.