Reliable content marketing tips for beginners this 2021

If your content marketing strategies aren’t getting your meaningful results, then it’s high time that you think about revamping them.

If you don’t follow these content marketing tips, you’ll only miss out on tons of opportunities to successfully drive traffic to your website and turn your site visitors into paying customers.

content marketing tipsThe great thing about the online space is there are countless killer content marketing ideas that you can use to accomplish that end.

For the most part, you just need to uncover the right approach that contributes to implementing a productive digital marketing campaign and get you the results you’re looking for.

In this guide, we’ve laid out four content marketing tips that you can start with to help boost your conversions.

Ready? Let’s start.

1. Use compelling visual elements

Studies show that 90% of the information that our brains process is visual.

If you limit your content to huge blocks of texts or don’t include visual elements in your blogs, social media posts, and more, your target audience could lose interest in your offer in seconds.

This can lead to high bounce rates and lower your conversion and sales opportunities.

A single image can spell the difference between eye-catching and captivating posts and a dull string of words — which is why adding visual elements in your content is crucial. 

Keep in mind that your images must be relevant to your posts and web pages to make your content compelling for your target audience. 

You can use tools like Canva to help you create compelling images for your content marketing efforts and display them on your website and eCommerce platforms.

With the tool, you can choose from a library of templates and create posters, background images for your website, Facebook covers, and more. 

By using Canva, you can easily create stunning and engaging images that help reinforce your content. 

Plus, it’s a great chance to get creative with your content — which can help your potential customers remember your brand better and raise your conversions.  

When you have loads of digital assets, you can use reliable digital asset management software to keep stock, control, and have access to your files.

That way, even if you have countless high-quality/premium visuals you can manage them easily and leverage them better for your marketing campaigns.

2. Create attractive headlines

How you write your headlines can make or break the chances of your content attracting your target audience to your website and, ultimately, converting them into buyers or subscribers. 

After all, attractive headlines can invoke curiosity from your readers, give them an idea about your marketing message, and address their questions and concerns. 

However, you’ll need to use the right keywords and style, plus word your message properly to compel your audience to read on. 

For instance, if you’re offering tips to help customers sell IG accounts, you could use a catchy and compelling headline that says, “X Uber-simple Ways to Get People to Buy Your Instagram Account,” instead of simply saying, “How to sell your IG account.”

You’ll need to know how to speak to your target audience through your headlines and optimize them for search engines as well. 

To help you create attractive headlines, you can use tools like Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

After typing in your headline, the tool scores it based on engagement and impression.

The tool will also provide insights such as the strong points of your headline and suggestions for improving it. 

Listening to your audience is also crucial to assess what your potential customers want to read about on your website and how they want to consume those types of content.   

You can do this by conducting an SEO audit to help improve the performance of your content and raise your rankings in SERPs.   

This helps you create headlines and content that your audience can relate with — increasing your chances of driving relevant traffic to your website and conversions.

3. Publish a variety of content types

People respond differently to various types of content — depending on their preferences, where they usually “hang out” (like social media platforms), and more. 

This can make it challenging to focus on just one or two in your campaigns. 

Plus, creating content will cost you, and not every type will deliver the same results — which is why establishing a content strategy is vital.

With a content strategy, you can cover various content types and in different forms successfully without putting all of your focus and resources in just one.  

Here are a few suggestions to help you assess the kinds of content that will work best for your business. 

  • Videos. Publishing two to three minute long clips that spread awareness about your products is one way of creating excellent content. 

You can also use videos to provide value and interact with your audience, plus create virtual conferences or tutorials using reliable online course platforms as unique content to attract your potential customers. 

  • Memes. Most people enjoy memes because they’re funny and relatable — and these are emotions that many of your target audience can respond well to.

Engage with your audience using the “language of the internet” and include a few memes throughout your content to help convey your message.

You can use online generators like IMGflip to create your memes. 

Using a variety of content types in your marketing campaigns can help you engage with your audiences better and raise your brand awareness — which aids in boosting your conversions and sales. 

4. Combine your CRO and SEO strategies

Creating killer content is crucial for providing value to your target audience, promoting your products, and attracting potential customers to your website (among other things). 

However, you need the right approach to spark the interest of your audience, help them find your content easily, and ultimately convert them into customers. 

An excellent approach is to use a combination of Conversion Rate Optimization CRO and Search Engine Optimization SEO basics for small business owners.

For instance, you can create Call-to-Actions (CTAs) based on the keywords you are optimizing for in your content.  

To help ensure that you’re using the right keywords in your CTAs, content, and website, you can use tools like Ubersuggest

Let’s say you’d like to optimize for “Bluetooth earphones.” 

You can type it in the search box, and the tool will give you some insights about the keyword which will help you determine if it’s a good keyword phrase to pursue.

The tool also offers keyword and content ideas with the estimated traffic from Google for your particular search terms. 

This can help you come up with the right keywords to use in your content and CTAs and optimize for SEO and CRO — which can aid in increasing your conversions and sales. 

Bottom line

Finding the right content marketing strategies can be overwhelming, but if you know your business needs and how you can achieve your goals, the four tips here can be a good place to start. 

With the right attitude and the determination to do a bit of trial and error, you’ll find the right content marketing strategies that work best for your business.

If you learned a thing or two from these content marketing tips, please feel free to click on the share buttons. Cheers!