3 effective ways to optimize your e-commerce sales

E-commerce or online shopping is more popular now than ever before, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many consumers to shop online instead of going to brick-and-mortar establishments. Running an e-commerce business can be challenging since it involves using a wide range of digital marketing strategies to gain a consistent flow of monthly profits.

But how do you maintain or even increase e-commerce sales? Here are a few of the most effective methods you can try:

e-commerce sales

1. Sell products on a reliable e-commerce platform

Although you might already be used to selling items in major digital marketplaces, having your own store can help you establish a good name for your business. When looking at Shopify vs WooCommerce, two of the most popular e-commerce platforms right now, you have to consider factors such as the availability of selling features, fees, and marketing tools.

Here are some tips when selling products on an e-commerce platform:

  • Perform market research: If you’re selling general merchandise, you can optimize your e-commerce sales by conducting market research regarding the emerging needs of consumers nowadays. Also, check the in-demand products sold on your preferred e-commerce platform to determine if you can keep up with the tight competition by selling similar items or completely different ones.
  • Check the account setup process: Can you easily set up an account, or do you have to go through a lengthy process? Are there hosting requirements, or is the platform already hosted? Answering these questions will provide you with insights you can ponder on when choosing the right e-commerce platform for you.
  • Determine your functional requirements: E-commerce platforms come with plugins, themes, integration tools, inventory management tools, and sales tools. Decide on the features you need for your online store that will help you increase your sales and improve your customers’ shopping experience.

2. Improve your digital marketing strategies

Another way to optimize your e-commerce sales is to boost your digital marketing strategies. You’ve probably started delving into social media and content marketing by running a blog and sharing your blog posts on various social media sites. However, your online marketing efforts shouldn’t stop there.

Check the following digital marketing trends to maximize your online sales:

  • Virtual events: Some examples of virtual events that can help optimize your sales are webinars, virtual reality (VR) experiences, and virtual tours. Offering virtual services is a big plus for interested buyers since they can immerse themselves in your products.
  • Video ads: Video marketing platforms are on the rise, which is understandable given that videos are generally more appealing and interactive than textual and image content. Creating video ads is now easier with the wide range of professional video editing tools and video cameras available on the market, allowing you to create DIY video ads.
  • Influencer marketing: Social media marketing works best when you collaborate with influencers or social media personalities who have tens of thousands or even millions of followers. Partner with an influencer with the same target audience as yours.

3. Boost conversion

Are you getting a satisfactory number of visitors every month? If yes, does the number correlate with sales? If not, then it’s time to improve your e-commerce conversion.

Convert more of your visitors to paying customers by applying the following conversion optimization tips:

  • Focus on landing pages: Your e-commerce website shouldn’t just be a store where you sell different products—it also has to tell a story that will set your online shop above others. To accomplish that, create helpful and interesting web content. Focus on educating your visitors regarding how your products were manufactured, how they can use your products to solve everyday problems, and how your business can make their lives even better.
  • Personalize at the point of sale: Increase conversion rates by using data management platform and site analytics so you can create customized customer experiences at the point of sale.
  • Install AI chat: Increase self-sufficiency among your online visitors by installing an AI chat feature. The AI can provide answers far better than a Q&A page. It acts like a human customer service representative, with neural networks of data capable of mimicking human thinking, reasoning, and intelligence.
  • Revamp your User Experience (UX) design: Promote better customer experience to make your e-commerce more intuitive by using shorter forms and asking for less information on the checkout page.


Embracing the emerging trends in sales and marketing—such as choosing the best e-commerce platform and most suitable digital marketing strategies—will help you attain your business goals. There are also measures you can take to boost conversions and encourage more visitors to purchase your products. By following the tips above, you’ll be on your way to maximizing your e-commerce sales and gaining happy customers.