Having recruitment challenges for AI & ML talent? This is for you!

There have been immense technological advancements during the past decade. The adoption of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), is gaining much traction. These technologies amalgamate an integrated approach toward probability, statistics, mathematics, programming languages (Python, SQL, R, etc.), linear algebra, calculus, and inferential & descriptive statistics.

In spite of all this boom, many organizations face challenges in hiring qualified AI & ML talent. Especially the startups and small scale companies, because the talent in this field in the demand and so it is not accessible in the limited resources of these companies.

ML & AI talentThen what can these companies do to hire AI & ML talent in their budget and save themselves from hampering the development of their product?

One-stop solution to the answer is to find the talent where is available in abundance!

Yes, set up an engineering/development team in India. Here’s why you should do it, but with the right help and assistance!

Supportive government initiatives, such as Digital India and Make in India, are boosting the Indian business ecosystem. The government is investing actively in technology & infrastructure to attract foreign investments. The Indian tech space continues to witness significant growth backed by rapid digitalization and tech adoption.

Moreover, with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, digital adoption in the country is gaining even more traction. All this is, in turn, boosting the adoption of AI and ML. Thus, investors from across the globe are readily investing their money in Indian industries backed by these technologies, including eCommerce, fintech, mobility, food tech, and health tech, among others.

Several tech startups across the globe, especially those from the UK and the U.S. are setting up their Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) or partnering with offshore staffing companies in India to reap the benefits of a remote team. Several others are partner with offshore development companies to leverage AI and ML in their existing business processes and develop new business processes. Some of the most significant benefits of offshoring include cost-saving, time zone advantages, access to a large talent pool, and improved collaborations, among others.

To find out more about some other factors that make India an ideal offshore software development center.

How can startups benefit?

Global startups collaborating with corporations deploying AI & ML in India have unearthed new business models that cleverly integrate cloud & mobile technologies, analytics, and social networks to enhance operational efficiency and accelerate growth. Next-generation startups worldwide are focused on business intelligence by bringing these technologies together across various business functions to forecast market changes.

The most significant innovations of the present times are happening at industry intersections. Moreover, the interplay of industries and technologies has become the new business trend across various sectors. This is further narrowing the gaps between various industries. For instance, a car company provides not only transportation but also entertainment. Moreover, different automotive companies compete based on features offered with the vehicle. Thus, startups across the globe are going beyond corporate & industrial boundaries to enable technological innovations into their line of business.

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What’s in the future?

Today, startups are the core of the global tech renaissance. For decades, large corporations have led the technology space in India. However, the coming decade witness strong collaborations of startups globally and Indian offshore development firms. Thus, the staunch ecosystem of investors, corporations, and academic partners backed by supportive government initiatives will empower India to create a global impact.

Engineering & technology professionals across the globe are fearful that future technologies, such as AI and ML, might emerge as threats to their jobs. However, the fact is that these technologies will only eliminate redundant tasks while increasing the need for creative thinking. Thus, they will only have to upskill and reskill to stay current with the latest technology trends. Experts also believe that AI & ML will, in fact, create more job opportunities.