Online traffic: Can you use offline marketing to boost online

Increasing your online traffic is the main goal for many companies, and their marketing methods end up being very similar

Modern online marketing tactics are ever changing, but keep consistent even among different companies. However using offline marketing may actually be more beneficial to increasing your online traffic and boosting your online performance.

online traffic

SEO, content marketing and social media are perfect for modern businesses, but you should never rule out offline marketing. Here’s how offline marketing can increase your online traffic.

Use local media to increase online traffic

A lot of companies forget or ignore the benefits of local media. Local media may be time consuming and not as relevant as something like Google Ads, but it still has value. Local radio ads, newspaper and magazine ads can see a lot of attention. The key is that one advert won’t get you the results you want. Advertising this way will need sustained ads over a long period of time. Just make sure that your advert stands out, and of course you include the relevant website address. 

Real-world marketing materials

It’s a standard practise to sign off emails with a link to your website, however, you should use physical material too. Leaflets, business cards, brochures, even letterheads will benefit from having your web address and contact information. The benefit to these materials is that for some they feel more personal, which gives your company a more professional, but also more personal touch.

Company vehicles

Using company vehicles with signage is a prime example of offline marketing. The sign only needs to include your company name, a graphic and the website address. A website address for many people is much easier to remember than a phone number. A vehicle with signage is almost fundamental for a tradesperson, as their transport will be seen all over the place. Quite often this form of advertising will cause a spike in traffic, as well as positive advertisement for your business.

Networking events

The first thing to know about networking events is to never use it as a sales pitch. These events can be a gamble, but there is the opportunity to grow your online presence. Everyone at these events is looking in some way to grow their business, and it can be great in obtaining new connections. To stand out from the crowd, try and organise a charity event, or something that excites people. If you make a good impact, then you will hopefully be remembered and get an increase in traffic and possibly more.

Trade shows

Trade shows can be a great venture, but they are costly. The benefit of trade shows is that they allow you to get one-on-one with potential customers. They already have an established interest in your industry. This means that you need to stand out against the crowd. Make sure your exhibition stand really makes an impact, additionally use this opportunity to network as well. Get as many names and email addresses as you can and follow them up. You’d be surprised by the increase in traffic.

Online and offline marketing strategies

Modern marketing strategies utilise emails, subscriptions and social media and these are very effective in getting attention and traffic. For your next marketing campaign, you should also consider using offline methods. Adverts on billboards, direct mail, magazines are all good methods of marketing that still are relevant today. Not everyone will see adverts online, so you need to try and reach your audience in as many ways as possible.

Modern online advertising methods such as SEO, content marketing and social media may be the main focus for many companies going forward. But offline marketing is still a strong outlet for your business and can benefit it greatly.

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