SD-WAN solutions for your business

Do you need an agile solution for your SD-WAN that simplifies the complexity while still giving you flexible options to grow?

For businesses who want to move towards an operational cost with native cloud solutions for SD-WAN, an SD-WAN solution from China Telecom (Europe) will suit your needs. Our local teams in Europe and globally can advise your business on the best fit solution.

SD-WAN solutionsWith this solution, you can focus and pay for what you need. We work with you to find a bespoke SD-WAN solution while delivering it in a fast, cost-effective way.

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What is an SD-WAN?

SD-WAN provides your business with many advantages. First of all, WAN costs will be reduced when switching to SD-WAN. An SD-WAN solution can potentially be provisioned in a matter of days. This provides the potential to give your business a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

SD-WAN enhances WAN performance, allowing the IT department within the organisation to effectively troubleshoot and resolve network and latency issues remotely, improving productivity and decreasing cost. Furthermore, SD-WAN has features that can prioritise traffic that is essential to business operations by steering traffic the most effective way.

SD-WAN security procedures are built into the system, which improves network security overall. An ordinary WAN handles security at each department while these encryption properties are already built into the SD-WAN. Therefore, only users with the proper authorisation can get access to the network and the sensitive data.

How you can benefit from SD-WAN solutions

Another aspect of SD-WAN is that it lowers costs with WAN OPEX (operating expenses) and CAPEX (capital expenses). With an SD-WAN you can replace MPLS connections with broadband internet to reduce the costs of WAN substantially. A simple SD-WAN architecture can likewise lower OPEX since the IT team doesn’t need to be physically present in a new remote location.

Increased network performance is also a key selling point of SD-WAN solutions. Common issues regarding connectivity and latency are significantly reduced with an SD-WAN. This allows organisations to improve their agility with a stable and reliable connection.

An SD-WAN can easily handle WAN services such as bandwidth and firewalls. This speeds up the process of establishing new departments and new offices in different locations as it is not necessary to send IT employees to these specific places. Also, bandwidth usage can easily be added or reduced depending on your needs.

An SD-WAN solution is an essential tool for modern businesses that can benefit a lot from its services. Reduced costs, improved cloud performance and greater agility within the organisation are all aspects that make SD-WAN a solution with huge potential. Futureproof your business with our flexible services.

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