Exhibition stand and your brand: What to do

Your exhibition stand is a representation of your brand and your values. It will serve as a cornerstone of your brand to the visitors who pass by. They might have never heard of your brand before. Your stand can make all the difference, and if it doesn’t impress, it can seriously harm your brand.

Chances are, exhibition visitors won’t pass by your stand more than once, so you have to make sure your first impression stands out. Here’s how to build up your exhibition stand and your brand together, to create an impressive display.

exhibition stand and your brand

Types of brands and exhibition stands

The purpose of the stand can vary wildly, and this means the style and design would change as well. A stand at a trading exhibition might appear far more striking as to stand out, they would want to encourage visitors to get started and learn trading with them, rather than their competitors.

That is to say that a companies stand should accurately portray what they are. A stand should tell a visitor what the business is about, but also be intriguing to draw their business in.

Keep your exhibition stand consistent with your brand

Aim to have your exhibition stand be consistent with your brand, this means any posters or artwork you choose to display. It needs to give visitors an idea easily and effectively of what your brand represents. Remember to keep it both professional and organised, and while it needs to be consistent with your brand, the message should remain consistent as well.

Choose an effective exhibition stand designer

Before you start to create your exhibition stand, you need to find a designer. You may have your own, but if not, there are other options available. For instance, you could contact an outside company to design your stand for you. They could expertly impress with a design, and manage to keep the brand image of the company consistent for you.

Branding and the business

Your company brand is fundamental to your business, which is why it is paramount to know how you are portrayed. Your presentation may be completely different from an outside perspective, and you will need to account for this when designing your stand.

To accurately represent your brand, you will need to be aware of how your customers see your brand. Ask yourself what customers might find attractive about your company. What is it that they believe the brand means? What makes your business stand out against the competitors? How can you take these differences and portray them at an exhibition?

Survey customers ahead of the exhibition

Using a survey before attending an exhibition can help with where to start. Asking open questions can give your company some perspective on how customers view your brand.

After completing the survey, the results should be used in the creation of the exhibition stand. This would hopefully create a design that is consistent with viewpoints for both the company and customers. The benefit of this is that it would appear more professional, and reach more of your target audience.

Staff knowledge and appearance

Even with a professional and consistent stand, if the staff are not consistent and presentable as well, then your representation will be diminished. Make sure they all receive the proper training, including presentational and role-playing training. This will help them prepare for the exhibition. Next, you should make sure they are confident in all your products and services and are able to answer any question confidently. Making sure your staff are professional and confident will in turn make your brand appear much more professional.

If this article has told us anything, it is that a strong physical appearance makes all the difference. Whatever uniform or dress code you decide on, you should make sure it is professional, but also unique enough to leave an impression. The uniform should stand out, and it should follow the theme of your stand, but not blend into it.

The branding for your stand is what makes it unique. It may be difficult to get everything perfect but focus on the fundamentals first. Once those are sorted, the rest will be much easier to fall into place.