The role of lighting in hospitality interiors

The last year has been incredibly challenging for the hospitality sector. However, there is light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

With hope of a rebound on the horizon, many hospitality businesses are redesigning themselves to take advantage, creating new styles to attract customers. There are so many parts to a hospitality interior that need to be considered, one of which is lighting. While it can easily be taken for granted, the lighting in your hospitality business is a defining aspect, helping to create emotion and lead the customer experience.

A hospitality business with a unique lighting scheme

To highlight this, we’ve covered some of the key roles that lighting plays in creating a cohesive and effective hospitality interior.

Catching window shoppers

The importance of cafe and restaurant lighting cannot be overstated. Here, your lighting plays a role before customers even enter the building.

Lighting is an extension of your interior (and exterior) design, showcasing your location’s style, trendiness and even price point to potential customers. Your lights will often be the first thing people see in the evening and at night, so you need to ensure it makes a good impression.

Window displays also rely on good lighting to stand out. Taking the time to ensure you have the proper lighting for your window displays will make sure your establishment makes an impact with any passing trade.

Set the mood

Perhaps the biggest potential benefit of good lighting is how it can influence your customers’ moods. Studies have shown that different lighting styles can have a notable impact on people, so you should consider what emotions you want to create in your establishment when choosing your lights.

Another key thing to consider is what colour lighting you choose. For example, you might want white lighting during the day and darker orange lighting at night.

Be a guide

One aspect of hospitality lighting that must never be lost is its practicality. Regardless of what restaurant lighting ideas you have, ultimately, it must aid your customers while at your establishment.

Task lighting will play a key role here. Make sure that key parts of your experience – whether that’s reading a menu or finding a hotel room – are easy and enjoyable thanks to good task lighting.

Clever use of lighting can also serve as a guide for your customers by highlighting where to go, which can save on necessary staff at large establishments. It can also be used to put emphasis on particular focal points such as pieces of art which can add to the customer’s experience by creating memorable moments.

Create customer experiences

There are so many different aspects that go into creating a great customer experience. Ultimately, your products or services will do much of the talking, but there are countless little highlights that can complement the journey.

When picturing a dream hospitality venue or fantastic experience from our past, we often call upon our senses. The use of colours, the touch of a table or feet against the floor, ambient music, great smells – these all play a part. Lighting should be considered as part of this list.

Your lighting will provide the foundation for any great customer experience. Intelligent lighting ideas will accentuate colours, draw the eye towards features and provide assistance to guests, helping to ensure they thoroughly enjoy your venue.