Why Manchester is the ideal place for a creative agency

Are you looking for a new location for your creative agency business? Whether you are starting a new agency or expanding your existing agency to a new place, choosing the perfect place is one of the crucial things you have to do. The location you will choose will determine your opportunities and boundaries.

Manchester is one of the most popular locations to consider for a creative or digital agency here in the UK. The city is one of the leading digital and technology hubs in the world.

Manchester creative agency

It is therefore not surprising that there are several creative agencies and accountants in Manchester. Discover why Manchester is the ideal place for creative agencies.

One of the friendliest cities in the world

According to recent research, Manchester is the leading city for business friendliness here in the country and the world. One of the reasons this is the case is that the city boasts a robust business support system that allows all businesses to thrive. For instance, the Business Growth Hub helps businesses of all sizes and nature with partnerships, business advisers and angel investors. It is funded by local and international organizations. In addition, Manchester City Council supports online businesses in Greater Manchester.

Affordable operating and living cost

Manchester is the go-to city for creative agencies, thanks to the affordable operating and living costs. Unlike London, Manchester offers the same perks without costing an arm and a leg. For example, the cost of office spaces in Manchester is around £300 each month, while a similar office space in London starts from £650 per month. Moreover, housing costs start at £177,163 per unit in Manchester and £477,813 in London.

One of the leading tech hubs in the world

When looking for the right location for your creative agency, you will never go wrong in choosing Manchester. This city is one of the leading tech hubs in the country and globally. According to a recent survey, Manchester is ranked 34th over 500 cities in the world. With an innovative tech infrastructure, any company that moves to Manchester is set to reap huge rewards. Fibre internet connections in the city are expected to hit 1Gbps in the next 12 months. Moreover, Manchester boasts reliable mobile internet thanks to 5G network.

Large pool of talent

Moving your business to Manchester is the right decision and the right approach since it will give you access to a large talent pool. The city has more than 100,000 students studying at different universities. The city is home to five of the best universities in the UK. As such, finding a top graduate to work for your creative agency should not be a problem when you move to Manchester. According to TechNation, the digital sector in Manchester has a high turnover than that of major cities in the world.

All sorts of help for your business

Above all, with businesses setting themselves up in Manchester, they are likely to require outsourced help. We’re talking about bigger businesses re-establishing themselves here, not your average startups. Say the rent in London was not cost effective, you may want to move up to Manchester, it makes sense. The issue is that it may not be practical for you to work with your local outsourced businesses in London if you’ve moved up North. It is possible that you will therefore need to look for new companies to help you. Fortunately, the most important things like finding accountants in Manchester is relatively easy, as plenty of businesses have shifted their premises to the area.

Final thoughts

Manchester is expected to be the major economic contributor in the UK post-Brexit. This serves to show that you can never go wrong with starting your business in Manchester.