Looking like a million dollars: How to radiate success

We all know how important it is to look groomed and respectable when doing business. Some years ago, that meant short hair, no beard, a decent suit, and a serious look, but times have changed.

Today, the dress and style code is less strict than it used to be. Many entrepreneurs can radiate success with a casual and hip look when doing business. To be taken seriously, they add a few accessories that tell business partners: Look at me, I’m your man for this.

radiate successThese accessories range from nice sunglasses to high-priced shoes or even popular Rolex watches. Luxury items radiate success. But how do they do it and is that not shallow?

What luxury accessories have to tell

Accessories have always been a great way to show others how sophisticated or wealthy you are, and how exquisite your taste is. During industrialization, entrepreneurs used expensive cigars or brandy to do just that. Books and knowledge also used to be strong indicators of success. They showed people around you that you come from a decent family and have an academic background. As knowledge and education are not elitist anymore, while still being significant, they’ve slid into the background – at least when it comes to personal business interactions. Luxury accessories, however, work as an indicator of success, willpower, and stamina today.

An exquisite watch

Watches have always been somewhat elitist. The ordinary factory worker usually couldn’t afford one and neither could he wear it while doing hard physical work. That is why nice watches just like many other things, were a symbol of wealth. Nowadays, most watches are affordable for the masses. Some people prefer unobtrusive ones, others prefer sports tracking watches. To put it in a nutshell, watches can be a strong indicator of someone’s lifestyle.

Entrepreneurs, who want to show off their successful and motivated lifestyle, therefore usually choose luxury watches. Timeless designs and discreet beauty add a quiet elegance to the high-end watches – very understatement. Only he or she, who knows about the value of a specific watch or brand, will have a slight idea of how much you spent on it. Timepieces like the Rolex Daytona or Datejust are for connoisseurs.

The best thing about luxury watches by Rolex or other manufacturers is that their resale value is rather high. If you decide to get a new model, you can either keep your first one and start collecting or try to up your standards from watch to watch by selling, re-investing, and increasing your capital.


A couple of decades ago, cufflinks were the accessory to radiate success in any suit. Today, they’re not as common anymore. Yet, many young entrepreneurs start recovering the high changeability that cufflinks add to an outfit. For that, you don’t even need to wear an uptight suit. As long as your button-up allows you to install cufflinks, you can add them to any outfit. It’s called stylistic inconsistency and means the perfectly placed break of style in an outfit.

By adding cufflinks to your rather casual outfit with denim, boat shoes, shirt, and sports coat, you upgrade it to fit not only your startup but also your personality. If your business partner notices the cufflinks, he or she will get an idea of how exquisite and special your ways are.

Shoes and belts

Collecting shoes is only for women? No, it’s most certainly not. Both men and women can shop for shoes and collect them. To upgrade a rather casual outfit, you should choose high-quality shoes, though. Connoisseurs tend to prefer shoes by Italian or French designers, as they’re said to be expensive, but also high in style and quality. The more striking your shoes, the more attention they’ll get. If you manage to combine them with a matching belt, it’s your jackpot. Your business partners will notice and meet you with the respect that you deserve.