Unexpected property marketing tips you won’t want to miss

It is a tough old market out there! You need to do everything you can to stand out from the competition.

That is what this blog post is here to help with. Here are four surprising property marketing tips that could help you to sell your home…

porperty marketing

  1. Put your asking price on your sale board – This can work extremely well, especially if you are located on a busy road! If you are worried about deterring buyers, would you really want people to view your house if they couldn’t afford it anyway?
  2. Pester power – No, I don’t mean pester the viewers, in fact, their children are going to do that for you! If buyers come with their kids and you keep them entertained with trampolines, slides and such like you can guarantee they will be saying ‘mummy, buy that house please!’
  3. Small postcards – One great idea is to have small postcards printed with your house on the front, as well as your contact details. You never know when you could run into someone who could be interested in your home!
  4. Brochure box – Brochures are great marketing tools for those in the field of property investment. They give your property an exclusive and luxurious feel. Attach a waterproof brochure box next to your for sale sign so people can help themselves as they pass by!
  5. Advertise all of the work you have had done – Think the fact you have hired a company will put buyers off? Think again! They will be relieved to know the house has been checked and it is something they don’t have to do. Get the company to provide a letter confirming the house is pest-free. You can do this for all types of property issues. You can hire Home Staging Toronto to transform your property to create a mass appeal to potential buyers.

Practise a tactical withdrawal from time to time to jump-start the market

It may sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes the best way to sell a house is to take it off the market for a little while! Firstly, house-hunting is often as lengthy a business as house-selling; and so potential buyers may become immune when they see your property online every day, and pass it over if it seems to have been up for a long time.

Secondly, it buys you some much-needed breathing space if you find you have to carry out some repairs and renovations, or even give you a little time to employ the services of a home-staging expert. You don’t really want potential buyers viewing the property while there’s work going on – it creates the wrong impression.

Don’t forget, though, if you have taken a brief break from the property market and are ready to return, to take a critical look at your selling material. If you have made improvements, you will definitely need to update photos and text to reflect this. And even if virtually nothing has been done in the interim, it’s a great opportunity to refresh what’s in the public domain about your property, perhaps even to experiment with a different angle.