Which areas of your office are the dirtiest?

If you look around your workspace right now, you might think that everything is clean and relatively tidy. You might think that office cleaning isn’t something you need to worry about. If you do think this, then you might well be very wrong indeed.

Unless you have professional cleaners who genuinely understand how to bring your office up to its cleanest state, there are likely to be a number of areas that are much dirtier than you ever could have imagined. Read on to find out which areas of the office are dirtiest and what you should do about them.

office areas dirtiestYour desk

Your desk is the dirtiest area in your entire office, and although this might sound far-fetched, there are 400 times as many germs there, where you spend the majority of your day, than you would find on a toilet seat. It’s a truly disgusting idea, but it’s a factual one.

Most of the germs will be found on the actual surface of your desk, which is the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bugs and bacteria. When you think about it, it’s the fact that you do spend a lot of time at your desk that is the problem. Drinking there, eating there, piling up documents and files that have come from all over the place, including post from outside, it’s no wonder it’s so filthy.

Cleaning your desk regularly – at least once a week and more if you can – is the best thing you can do. And it’s best not to eat at your desk both for hygiene reasons and for your personal health.

Door handles

Another foul area of your office will be any door handles you must have there. No matter what size office you have, whether you are a sole trader or have various employees, you just don’t know who is touching the door handle. From delivery drivers to visitors to people passing by, a lot of different hands will be on those door handles. The problem is, you don’t know where those hands have been or how clean they are.

You should wipe down the door handles in your office every day or engage a professional cleaner to do the work for you, ensuring they take the handles into consideration when they are cleaning everything else. You can even invest in gadgets that allow you to open doors without touching them if you’re very worried about germs.

The kitchen

If you have a kitchen area in your office, then it needs to go on the list of the dirtiest places. Although you might wipe the food prep areas down once in a while, they will always be a haven for bacteria and germs unless these areas are cleaned professionally.

Out of all the areas in the office kitchen, it is the sink that is the dirtiest. This might seem surprising if you consider that this is the one place water runs into regularly, but the taps are a big issue – people wash their hands and touch the taps, making them dirty. Plus, people pour food and drink waste into the sink all the time, and some will remain, potentially going rotten and producing nasty smells.