7 signs of a good mobile app

Every day, a new app is released to the market. Almost any problem can be solved with an app and people use mobile apps to make their lives easier and more enjoyable.

However, there will always be unresolved challenges, and there will always be potential for some more new applications. If you are considering making an app, here are seven indicators of a good mobile app. Making sure that your app has these qualities can set you on the path to success.

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App Development

Before moving forward to discuss the signs found in a good mobile app, let’s discuss how apps are developed.

If you are a curious person and like to face new challenges and learn new skills, you can develop your mobile app yourself. Even if you don’t have programming skills there are mobile app builders with simple drag and drop editors. But, if you rather hire someone with expertise to do it for you, other options are available.

Simply, you can hire a mobile app development company to realize your app idea. For this, you can browse several local development agencies.

If you live in Melbourne for example, you can search for agencies capable of building a mobile application in Australia. You can check out their online portfolio page, and see if the quality of work they offer suits you. Then, you can see if others have reviewed their services, and read those reviews.

Another way to get your app developed is by hiring freelancers, found on freelancing platforms. From these platforms, you can see various freelancers with a relatively lower charge compared to that of the agencies. You can even search for local freelancers if it matters to you. For instance, you can filter freelancers to only see and choose from those in Australia.

To understand whether a freelancer’s or an agency’s developed apps are good or not, you should look for some signs.

Indicators of a good app

Here are the seven key signs that help you identify a good mobile app and make your app great:

Good idea

With successful mobile app ideas such as Uber, Tinder, and Spotify, various categories are emerging in the app stores. App development should be based on a simple but captivating idea. It enables people to understand the purpose of your app right away. For example, a popular mobile app that converts your photos into cartoonish images. The concept is simple, yet many people want to try it. People are more likely to download your app if it isn’t hard to understand what it is all about.


An app should also assist in problem-solving for its users. You don’t need to solve a big problem as long as users have a reason to download your app. For example, your app may help users in selecting the appropriate wine to complement their meals. Or it might just be a distraction to help them kill time on their way to the office.

You just need to show how your app can address these types of problems in people’s daily lives. So, they will recognize that there is something valuable in your app and will be more inclined to download it.


Your app must also ensure that customers continue to use it and return to it. One method to accomplish this is to ensure that it operates smoothly, which will be described further below.

Furthermore, you must offer something that entices them to use your application. It might be, for example, the opportunity to discuss ideas and opinions with others. It might be new content that you continue adding to the mobile app.

You can be sure that people will want to keep using your app as long as it offers something fresh and entertaining to them. You can also build a nice-looking app to engage more users by joining 10 top web design companies.


It is also crucial to consider your app price for customers. You must ensure that the app is priced correctly. Try studying different monetization methods to see which one fits your particular app. Also, you can research the prices of similar apps and basing your pricing strategy on them.

Consider showing ads or paid content in your app, but do so with caution. Ads are frequently regarded to be quite irritating, and individuals may prefer to pay for an ad-free version instead.

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Apps that have high battery usage or freeze all the time are more likely to be removed from users’ phones. To be successful, a good app must function properly. As a result, you must conduct extensive testing before releasing your application. There are several tools available to assist you in getting started and ensuring your app functions well across all platforms.

Performance is critical to the success of any online business. High-performing mobile development engages and keeps users better than low-performing ones. If an app’s performance falls short of users’ expectations, they prefer not to use it, resulting in a revenue loss.


A successful app’s customer service will respond to user questions within hours, if not minutes in some circumstances. A single query can result in a sale or an app referral.

Not every mobile user is technologically proficient, which is crucial to consider based on your target customers. There will always be individuals who want assistance with their download or have general pre- or post-purchase inquiries.

Up to date

Do you remember the Angry Birds game with over 250 million downloads? it was once the most popular app across all platforms. Of course, it was an entertaining game to play, but that wasn’t the only factor it was a success. To keep people engaged, there were frequent new upgrades that were provided at no cost.

Everyone wants to make a wonderful app. But if you can’t keep it great in the eyes of your users, it’s all for nothing. Paying attention to user reviews is essential for maximizing customer value. Thriving apps achieve this by adding new features, promptly correcting bugs, solving security risks, and simplifying usability.

Various platforms might make this simpler or more difficult. If you work with a professional app developer ask them to choose the best OS based on your business goals.

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