Why lanyards are great for marketing and promotional uses

Most people own at least one lanyard, and some people will own many more. Lanyards are often given away at conferences and as promotional tools. They’re used at festivals and events. And many businesses use them for identification. The vast majority of lanyards are branded for promotional or marketing uses.

If you’re thinking about creating lanyards for marketing for your next event, read on to discover some of the benefits you may not have thought about.

lanyards for marketing lanyard on table

Versatile and useful

Lanyards are popular as promotional items as they are genuinely useful. You can use them to store your keys, they can hold your ID card, and they can be used to carry small items while you’re out and about. 

Lanyards are also popular for elderly people as they can help to stop them from losing important items like their phone or keys. The pandemic has also created a new use for lanyards, as they can be used for holding masks and sanitiser gel. When your promotional product is useful, individuals are much more likely to use it, which means it is more likely to be seen.

Easy to brand

Lanyards offer a large surface area for branding. There are also two sides to think about, so you’ll have even more space for your branding. With so many printing options available, including embroidery, screen printing and full-colour sublimation printing, you can achieve an eye-catching look. 

Don’t just focus on the design of the lanyard, attachments are also a branding opportunity. For example, a brewery could make the most of the lanyard by adding an integrated bottle opener.

Fast ordering

Most companies need their promotional items fast. With items like mugs or t-shirts, you might be waiting a long time for them to arrive. Lanyards (Lanyards Online) are very quick to manufacture, so you can enjoy a much quicker order time. 

When ordering lanyards companies will often offer express ordering options so you can use lanyards for your event, even if you leave it to the last minute. 


Lanyards are very simple in their construction, which makes them cheap to manufacture. This means that you get a quality product for a small cost. When choosing items for a giveaway or promotional items, they need to be cheap enough to make it worthwhile. But with lanyards being so versatile and useful, you can pretty much guarantee a lot of people will actually use them. This delivers a strong return on your investment.

Walking adverts

As mentioned above, when people like a lanyard design, they’re much more likely to use it for everyday tasks. If you give lanyards to staff members, they are likely to wear them around the office, but also during their commute. This is a walking billboard that is much more effective than other forms of display advertising. When given the choice between a single static billboard or hundreds of lanyards, the lanyards will always be the more effective choice.

Effortless networking

Using colour-coded lanyards during events and conferences is a great way to make networking much easier. Staff can wear company-branded lanyards to help make easier introductions. People will be much more likely to approach someone in a branded lanyard, so this can help to break down barriers at conferences and events. These are also perfect for event staff to make it easier to quickly identify those who are working and those who are simply attending.

If you decide to go ahead with branded lanyards for marketing and promotion, take some time to perfect the design so you can guarantee you’re making the most of the area available. Remember that the top is likely to be concealed under hair or collars, so the bottom third will be the most visible.