Top five tech industries with job growth

Technology is changing faster than ever. While some of the technical jobs are becoming old-fashioned, many others are snowballing.

Nowadays, tech is one of the most potent and essential industries shaping the global economy, setting trends, and driving changes. However, it is not only the technology trends and leading technologies that are growing. For instance, there are many other changes observed this year due to the pandemic outbreak.

tech industries jobsIn addition, most of the IT population worldwide is working from home and earning well. Without a doubt, tech industries are booming, offering high salaries, excellent facilities, and promising employment growth. However, some particular skill sets need to be required in this industry more than others. Also, many candidates are looking for future-proof jobs that will remain around for a long time.

Therefore, if you wish to make the most of your career and skills, here are the top five tech industries with job growth that you must check out and secure one of them. The mentioned industries in this article are continuously growing by leaps and bounds. We have mentioned all the necessary information related to them so that you can see and choose the one that fits right for you.

#1 Software developer

Software developers are responsible for developing, designing, installing, testing, and maintaining software systems. Moreover, this job requires designing, coding, and building applications, mobile apps, or websites. Also, one should be capable of working with multiple programming languages like HTML, Java, C#, C++, Microsoft.NET, and SQL Server.

Furthermore, software engineers need to understand the client’s requirements. They must be able to provide suggestions for improving software, web, and mobile applications to make sure they meet the user’s needs. Approximately every industry in the world uses some type of software. In fact, most of the things are operated on the software only.

This means that the jobs in the electronics software industry are not fading soon. Moreover, as per Glassdoor, the experienced Linux Software Engineers are making $134,000 a year, also expected growth in this industry would be 26% by 2028.

#2 Cloud architect

Cloud architects deploy, manage, and support cloud applications and oversee the company’s cloud computing strategy. Moreover, cloud architects usually have a strong knowledge of various operating systems in addition to programming, networking, and security skills.

Furthermore, companies look for individuals who have a strong understanding of cloud services like Amazon Web Services, experience with ITSM, automation, I&O, and vendor management. Many large-scale companies have incorporated cloud computing, as they are responsible for setting up all of the elements needed to manage and store data across various remote servers.

In addition, this includes setting up both front-end and back-end components, securing the networks, enhancing speed and efficiency, and many more. As a result, cloud architect jobs are in demand these days, and the average salary is nearly $107,000 a year. However, it is still expected to increase by 5% in the next seven years.

#3 Artificial intelligence/machine learning engineer

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning engineers and robotics engineers are on the market these days as the tech industry switches its focus to recruitment for emerging automation engineers and the developing industrial controls field. Hence, by most measures, AI and machine learning jobs are among the best tech jobs for the future. The field’s high projected growth rate is one example.

Furthermore, AI engineers spend their time using data analytics to train models for natural language processing, image recognition, and economic forecasting. Apart from this, they also play a role in the advancement of Internet of Robotic Things technology. Hence, the term Artificial Intelligence of Things (IoT) is gaining popularity around the world.

An AI must have in-depth knowledge of mathematics and statistics. Additionally, they must have solid programming skills and know languages like Python, R and Torch. They also have a clear understanding of technologies related to AI, such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. The average salary of an AI architect is $110,00 a year.

#4 Database administrator

A database administrator (DBA) is accountable for managing the software used to operate a database and ensuring that the data is easily accessible to those who require it. In addition, DBAs always make sure that the servers remain efficient and functional while overseeing the data security, replication, backup, implementation, storage, partitions, and access.

Moreover, DBAs manage the company’s data and ensure that databases run smoothly and are secure from unauthorised users. Therefore, the data administrator job needs a bachelor’s degree in management information systems (MIS) or a degree in a computer-related field. Besides, it is also one of the fastest-growing tech industries right now.

If you are interested to know about this field, you can master some database languages, one of the most demanding languages is Structured Query Language (SQL). If you become familiar with this programming language, your chances of getting recruited into the industry will be higher. Moreover, the future growth of this tech industry is approximately 11% by 2026.

#5 Mobile applications developer

Mobile app developers design new products or modify existing ones to be used on tablets and phones. Moreover, productive companies across industries such as advertising, video game studios, and marketing firms, presently identify mobile as a strong content distribution channel.

Furthermore, developers are also in high demand from government agencies, industries, and financial institutions that require more ordinary products to improve the efficiency of their operations. Moreover, developing mobile applications needs extensive knowledge of the various mobile programs that are currently available. Additionally, create applications that can run on iOS, Android, Windows, and other functional systems.

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most captivating and demanding jobs in the technology industry. One must be familiar with the programming, troubleshooting, debugging programs, development, and UX designs if one wants to work in this emerging field. Also, the future growth of this industry is going strong since 2020 with a 57% growth rate.


Technology is one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing industries. You can take the help of this list to evaluate the job outlooks, education requirements, and salary for your dream job. Besides, you can also consider the skills required for these mentioned industries; they all have good staying power in today’s world.