How your company uses promotional items can impact their results

Lots of companies use promotional items to get buyers to come in and buy things, but that is not the only way to leverage these items. Have you ever considered using them to simply get a new brand’s name out there? Maybe you simply want to get customers used to a new branding strategy.

There are many ways to use promotional items, and they each have their own impact. Here is a breakdown of how to use promotional items to get the type of results you want.

how to use promotional items graphic

Increase buyers spend

One of the most common ways that promotional items are used is as a tease. Basically, this means that customers come to a website for a free item. They simply pay a few dollars for shipping and they get a free item. Well, once they are on the website, it is common for them to look around. If they are going to pay the few dollars for shipping, they may as well see if there is anything else they would like. Most buyers find another thing or two they like and add it to the order for the free item. This increases how much they spend on the site, all for a minimal investment for the business. If your goal is to help your business get more sales, then a free item may be exactly what will entice your customers to do so.

Start a brand new business

When a new business starts out, you want to get exposure anywhere you can get it. In this case, a great way to do that is to give promotional items to your employees. They can walk around in shirts or hats with your name and logo on them. They can leave pens at local businesses that could use your services or products. The more people notice a name that they are unfamiliar with, the more opportunities arise to ask about it. This can open up many avenues as to how people can get to know this new business. In this instance, you want things that are going to be appealing. It should be something visual, such as clothing, or something useful. If you can tie your promotional item into your business in some way directly, that is an even bigger bonus.

Make a visual change to an existing brand

For those who have an established brand, but want to make a change, promotional items can help there, too. What happens here is that a brand that wants to have a whole new look gets items with this new look on them. Those items start showing up through social media, images, and employees. Then, once the new branding kicks into full gear, people have already had the chance to notice the change. Removing all items that have the old look will help give both existing and new customers the opportunity to recognize the brand by its new look. Ideally, these products should also be something easy for a consumer to use or recognize. If you can get some little swag items, it can be an easy way for customers to transition into a new look and feel for a brand they are already familiar with.

Just to get a brand noticed in a new area

Many existing brands look to promotional items to get noticed when they are looking to expand beyond what they are known for. If your business is known for cleaning homes, but now you want to add cleaning businesses, then it makes sense to add some promotional items to your arsenal. Think small if you are on a limited budget, like pens, magnets, and coffee mugs.

You can come up with a few items with your names on them to hand out to local businesses to get their attention. That way, when a need arises, they literally have your name and contact information right in front of them. When a successful business decides to branch out, they need to get noticed in those new niches just like they did when first starting out. Using something like inexpensive promotional items gives your business something to hand out to new potential clients that will not eat through your marketing budget. Plus, it helps you continue to have items that you can share with current customers if they want a piece of the action, too.

No matter what type of promotional products you opt to use, you need to make sure you focus on the goal you want first. That way, you can take the right approach. Once you know what goal you want to reach, you can pick the right items and give them to the most influential people.