How to throw a legendary garden party for your colleague

You have a lot of experience throwing birthday parties inside. However, you’re organising a garden party this time. But organising an outdoor party is definitely not as easy as organising a party inside. But your favourite colleague’s birthday is coming up and you need to organise something fun for him/her.

However, it’s summer, so throwing a big party inside would be really contradictory and not to forget, hot. Hence why we have some tips laid out for an epic garden party. Invite all your friends and family and have a great party.

Garden party lights

1. Inspect the garden

Walk around the garden and look for unwanted plagues of insects or snails. You don’t want your guests standing in those plagues. Also, you are probably going to do some activities in the backyard. So plagues are not convenient during those times. Do you have a plague of snails or insects going on in your lawn, make sure to fight these with nematodes (Dutch: aaltjes). Nematodes are a 100% natural enemy who attack damaging insects on your grounds. Easy as that!

2. Enough seating

After you have inspected and secured the garden of plagues, you now have time to visualise your backyard party. The best tip we can give you is to arrange multiple seating areas. This is because backyard parties often start quite early so everyone can see the sun slowly setting. But after standing for a few hours, most people are going to want to sit down. So arrange loads of seating areas or standing tables where your guests can lean on.

3. Backyard lighting

As stated before, garden parties often start early. But once the sun goes down, it turns dark outside. So, you are going to want to make sure that you have plenty of lighting outside. Not only because the lighting is functional, but you also don’t want your guests to trip. But also the mood and vibe are set by lighting. With outside lighting, there are many options that you can take into consideration. The most inviting form of outdoor lighting is the string of lights hanging here and there. This is because they create an elegant and romantic vibe.

4. Decorations for the garden party

What is a great party without decorations? That’s right, just a party. But we want to throw a great party. So, that’s where you need to acquire some decorations. The first thing that is a necessity at your party is disinfectants (Dutch: ontsmettingsmiddelen), you can put these on tables for guests to use. It’s not really a decoration but it’s important to have during Covid-19 times. Moving on to actual decorations, it’s important to have a festive ambience. So dress up the garden with party supplies such as balloons, flags and other party decorations. We suggest sticking to a theme. Most garden parties are often partnered with white or light colours. Do you want to go the extra mile? Also, make sure you have napkins and (recyclable) plates in those colours. Also, address a dress code to complete the party.

If you take all these steps into consideration, you’ll throw an epic backyard party for your colleague.  Have fun organising!