Five signs of a good e-liquid website

If you’re seeking a new online e-liquid supplier – whether you’re an individual customer or a wholesale buyer – you need to know that you’re looking in the right places.

With so many competing stockists across the UK and beyond, it can be very difficult to pick out a leading site from which you can order e-liquid and hardware with absolute confidence.

e-liquid bottles

This article describes a few of the criteria you should consider when comparing vape websites and explains why we always stand among the very best.

1. A wide variety

No two e-cig users are the same – particularly when it comes to favourite flavours. When you’re looking for a new supplier, we highly recommend picking a site that offers a big selection.

After all, you may wish to experiment with new tastes and ratios in the future, even if it isn’t the case now!

It’s great to find a site that offers products from many, many different brands – as well as limited edition guest juices – so you can learn who your favourite producers are as well as your top flavours.

2. Clear filters and descriptions

Navigation and personalisation is key to a great website. One of the best ways to judge an online vape juice provider is to take a look at the ease with which you can search for your ideal product.

Look for a site that allows you to filter by categories such as, brand, availability, bottle size, base flavour, mix ratio, high VG nic strength and e-liquid strength so that you can manage your search criteria in minute detail.

The descriptions on the individual product pages should be clear too – with everything you need to know about the producer and a thorough description of the juice and its taste.

3. High ratings

E-cig users are very discerning, and will often give honest and informed feedback of the providers they use. Take a look at the Trustpilot ratings of the sites you are considering – or seek trusted opinions on other review sites or among your friends – in order to find the best-rated site.

4. A customer-focused attitude

Try to find a provider who is vocal about the care and attention they put into seeking high-quality products that will meet or surpass the sophisticated tastes of their customers.

It’s good to take a look at the “About Us” section of a site to find out about the approach and process of each company, as well as the benefits they offer to clients and the standards they apply to ensure that everything they stock is of the right calibre.

For example, the e-liquid supplier Cloudstix uses a highly reputable global supplier to ensure that all products are of exceptional quality and that they can offer them for 10 – 40% cheaper than our competitors.

5. Excellent FAQs and customer support

If you want to find out more about a particular product, learn about how certain aspects of the company’s practices work or simply get in contact to ask a question or provide feedback, how easy is it to get the information you need?

If the site you are considering offers clear information about how they do what they do, a definitive list of FAQs and easily accessible contact details, you can feel confident that they are a transparent business that welcomes communication and is happy to provide support.