How technology revolutionises poker

Poker has been one of the most popular casino games among gamblers since its invention. Over the years, the game has gone from an activity enjoyed at home with friends and family to an online experience that gamblers love.

Technology revolutionises poker, and it’ll continue to change the game as technology powers forward. Let’s take a look at how its modified poker for the better:

Technology revolutionises poker

Enhanced game quality

The quality of this game has increased massively since the first versions hit the internet. Here’s what tech casinos have implemented and how technology revolutionises poker:

Fibre-Optic technology

The first online poker games struggled with slow internet speeds. Connectivity is a vital part of online gambling. Even when you’re playing alone against a computer, a bad connection can ruin your experience.

When virtual poker launched, the average download speed was only five KBS (kiloBytes per second). The invention of fibre-optic cables was crucial to creating faster internet speeds. In the early 90s, communication companies installed them as networks were upgraded to serve the digital tech.  Since then, download speeds have risen as high as 30 MBS (megabits per second).


Graphics in the first internet games weren’t the best. Characters looked pixely and unrealistic. However, HTML5 helped improve them. Pictures became increasingly high-definition.

This invention allowed casinos to create poker games with better designs. Developers could imitate reality more closely, which enhanced player immersion. Cards and chips looked like what you would see at an actual poker table. Virtual dealers became life-like.

Cameras and video streaming

Playing poker against a computer is fun, but the demand for live online casino games increased as technology advanced. Advancements in cameras and video streaming technology made it possible.

Today we can film live events with multiple high-definition cameras capturing every angle. Poker games with real dealers in setups that look just like a physical casino make players feel like they’re really there. They can talk to each other as the game is happening, bringing back the classic social aspect that many poker fans loved from the beginning.

Extra video features

Many casinos have used advanced camera tech to implement unique add-ons to their games. For example, GGPoker UK has SnapCam, a feature that lets you record 15-second videos. Players can share these messages with the rest of the poker table.

The impact SnapCam has on player experience is massive. It allows for emotional interpretation and connection that isn’t possible with chat boxes alone. Online players have better potential of making friends and can also read their opponents reactions much easier than ever before.

Improved gambler skill

Some technology has helped gamblers improve their skills:

Tracking programs

Tracking software examines a player’s poker history as they play, then analyses and interprets the data. Players receive helpful stats from the program, shown in bright colours on the table.


Special odds and equity calculators tell players what their odds are on winning a particular hand. Every gambler knows that poker is essentially a math equation. However, doing calculations in the heat of the moment is challenging.

Poker calculators do the work for you. They can even help you improve your skills when you aren’t playing. Players can practice memorizing the odds of standard hands by entering them into these devices.

Future advancements

Some of today’s inventions have the potential to shape the future of poker but haven’t progressed enough just yet:

Virtual reality

VR has massive potential in the online casino world. Imagine playing a live poker game in a famous venue without ever leaving your home. With virtual reality, this dream is possible.

This technology is becoming increasingly realistic. The gaming industry has already used it to create intense, immersive experiences, like virtual roller coasters and interactive horror games.


Technology revolutionised poker, and it will continue to change the game in the future. Fibre-optics, HTML5, and camera and video streaming advancements improved the overall quality. Tracking programs and calculators have improved player skills.

We look forward to seeing how inventions like virtual reality create even more immersive online gambling. Keep your eye out for exciting technological advancements in the world of internet poker!