A smorgasbord of stimuli! Different approaches to inspiration

Running a business at home is fantastic in many ways because it allows you the opportunities to work around your life.

But as most of us have experienced recently, we can get ourselves into a funk of sorts. When we are trying to be thriving, creative and dynamic individuals, those same four walls can slowly sap away our creative juices. It’s so important to find approaches to inspiration, but it’s not always there. This means we have to find the right techniques and learn how to seek them out. Here are some things that you could try. 

approaches to inspiration writing outside


Take the approach that many writers do and get out into the country. Being away from all those distractions allows you to focus on the task at hand. One of the cheapest ways to do this is to get a caravan. It’s something you might not have even considered! But the simplistic nature of a caravan is not going to distract you, and it is a no-frills approach to getting away.

When we go to a hotel to try and focus on our work, we naturally find ourselves tempted by the minibar or the distractions of the outside world. Instead, a caravan is so simplistic, that, arguably, the biggest distraction you will have will be the floral caravan cushions! You could even look into getting foam for caravan mattress, so you don’t have to spend money on all those hotels. Getting away allows you that luxury of being by yourself, meaning that you can remove any of those intrusive thoughts instantly. 

Motivating yourself differently

When we get ourselves into a funk, we must realise that we need to do things differently. Being different is the key to unlocking your brain to new ideas. Part of the reason we struggle to get inspired is that we worry about failure. But when you try something new, it stimulates different parts of your brain, which can go a long way to form inspiration. When you start to motivate yourself differently, you are getting out of specific routines, allowing you to look at problems from different angles and perspectives. 

Time to disconnect

The connection between pen and paper has been lost in the modern-day. Get rid of your laptop, your phone, and switch the television off. Give yourself the opportunity to journal, and to let your mind wander. It’s important to do this on a regular basis because everyone gets caught up in wayward distractions. And it’s so easy to check our phone and to watch some TV, but if you know that it is not inspiring you in the right ways, trying this simple act of writing on paper, and letting your mind wander gives you the opportunities to connect in different ways. It helps you to clear your mind. 

Learning to get away from the norm is going to help you think in different ways. Sometimes, we need a variety of stimuli, but sometimes we are doing too much. Remember these approaches to inspiration, and if we get away from our normal patterns, whether this is our working day or our thinking patterns, this can be enough to inspire us.