Guide to online slots: Everything you need to know before

Any gambler needs to know a few important facts about slots before starting to spin the reels.

In this post, we will talk about the game mechanics and key features of slots that every player should know about. Check the below features of the slot emulator to determine the profitability of the slot and understand whether the game will bring profit to you.

online slots#1 – RNG technology is a must

Everyone knows that licensed slot machines employ the Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. No casino operator can tweak a slot and make it less or more profitable. Therefore, it is highly recommended to give preference to games from professional manufacturers and make sure that the RNG is in place. Thus, you can rest assured about the game’s fairness.

#2 – Check payout percentage

Developers have assigned payout percentage (RTP) to each online slot machine. This indicator can be equal to 93.4%, 95%, 97%, etc. The parameter indicates how many of the bet coins the slot will return in a certain period of time. RTP depends on several factors:

  • Characteristics of a slot machine
  • The number of players placing bets in the selected slot
  • The prize pool

If you do not have time to check all slot machines, then it is enough just to browse the game rating on to have an idea of the licensed and most profitable online slots.

#3 – Pay attention to the cycle in the slot machine

The period when a slot accumulates the prize pool and “gives” it to a winner is called the cycle. Each new cycle begins after the previous prize pool is drawn. In simple words, initially the slot “takes” bets from players; then it starts to give them back slowly. In the end, a big prize falls out, and a period of empty spins begins. This division into periods is conditional, and there are no exact boundaries that would allow players to clearly know about the beginning of a new cycle.

#4 – Chase the jackpot

To understand how not to waste your bankroll in the pursuit of a big win, you should have a considerable amount on your account in order to wait for the desired prize to land in a wallet. The best option is that the bankroll should be enough for at least 200 selected bets (ideally for 500 bets or more). Otherwise, you will be left with nothing and will not wait for the jackpot to hit.

#5 – Get to know about bonus symbols

You should always know all the symbols and their functions in the game. Apart from checking the paytable, gambling experts also recommend making a list of bonus symbols the slot machine offers. As a rule, these are Wilds, Scatters, and multipliers. Thus, you have an idea of what will happen in the game once a particular combination lands on the reels.