eCommerce listing tools: Which ones to look out for and the benefits

Electronically buying or selling products over the Internet is becoming more and more familiar to us as consumers or as a business.

eCommerce is an everyday part of life and is no longer considered a new technology. It is a cost-effective way for businesses to integrate with a wider, larger, marketplace. There are the usual things to look out for when considering eCommerce, like cost and exposure, however, functionality is a really big deal as you will need a service that can offer the most for you and your business. eCommerce listing tools will help with functionality.

eCommerce listing tools laptop

If you are using eCommerce for your business, it is important to know what listing tools to look out for as not all eCommerce companies offer the same tools. Listed below are 6 of the most helpful eCommerce listing tools to look out for when setting up your eCommerce business. These functions will allow for a smooth-running operation that will bring many benefits. If you want to turn your eBay hobby into a professional business – these are the tips to follow.

1. Shipping

Shipping is integral for online selling. If a listing tool in b2c company can include shipping management and label printing for packages, it is extremely advantageous. If your business is likely to have a large number of orders, then this tool will be a massive time saver. You will also find great services from shippers such as DHL and FedEx.

 2. Reports and analytics

As a business, you will want to know your progress and learn from as much data as possible. A useful listing tool function to have would be a report and data analysis service. Data could be collected and then fed to you in report form with helpful diagrams, graphs, tables and projections.

 3. Automated stock updates

Accounting for inventory changes is vital for a variety of reasons. If a customer purchases something from you, it is important to be notified so that you can manage your stock. Overselling can have terrible consequences, for example, it would make you look unprofessional, your account might be suspended or you could incur charges, and on top of this, customers would likely never buy from you again. So having an automated stock update can prove to be incredibly valuable.

4. All in one eBay selling manager software

One of the most important pieces of eBay software is one that helps you to manage, automate, and grow your eBay business all in one place. There are many of these available such as the 3Dsellers ebay listing tool which provides a dashboard that helps you to track sales, your inventory, and any recent orders. Plus, you can manage all of your eBay accounts, make use of management & marketing tools, and work with teammates to ensure that your eBay business runs more smoothly than ever. Over 200,000+ eBay selling use software like this, and many would claim that they could not live without them. Running an eBay business is difficult, but with eBay selling manager software, this difficulty is greatly reduced.

5. Optimisation

Optimising listing is a requirement for staying at the top of a search. So having a tool that can do that automatically is very important.

Getting to the top of searches is a great asset as it brings you maximum exposure, that is why SEO is crucial. Having keyword and product research is another excellent feature to have.

6. Editing and synchronization

Bulk editing and synchronization is a big time-saving exercise, so a listing tool that allows for bulk editing of products makes things much quicker and much easier. It is best if the tool can do that with the least manual input required and if you could just make the necessary changes in your store and everything would be automatically synchronized. Having this feature is beneficial for you as it keeps your site updated with the latest information and also it saves a great deal of time.