How to stay on top of your businesses’ energy consumption

Meter readings can be a pain at the best of times. Gas, water, and electricity all take time away from the task at hand and put a dent into your businesses’ productivity.

But they are essential, you’re much better off staying on top of them. It may feel like an unnecessary hassle to stay on top of your businesses’ energy consumption but getting hit with an unexpected energy bill at the end of the month is much more hassle.

businesses energy consumption

To optimise your workplace and make sure energy isn’t being wasted on tedious tasks, consider some of the options available that make meter readings seamless, easy, and reliable. Keeping on top of readings frees up time, resources, and sometimes money if you are outsourcing meter readings for your workplace.

Traditional readings

A common issue with meter readings, especially now in the age of the smart meter, is the inability to read traditional energy meters – both gas and electric meters feature digit and dial measurements depending on the model. Sometimes the best way to free up workers who need to carry out readings is by ensuring one of them knows exactly how to read a meter using some of the handy online resources. It’s a lot easier than deciphering meter readings again and again and can increase workplace morale with an opportunity for dedicated workers to take on a new responsibility.

Smart meters

Smart meters have been designed to make life easier for you as well as your energy supplier. They can tell you exactly what you are using and help you keep track of your energy usage, so if you’re over budget, you will know before it’s too late and you can make sure no excess energy is being wasted, and if you’re under you can keep going on with your consumption – maybe even ramp it up a bit if need be.

Smart meter reader technology continues to improve which in turn helps you manage your workplace and energy with more ease. For example; automated water readings allow you to take meter readings remotely from an online portal. Both you and your provider can see it and you can set alarms for consumption use warnings.

Smart meters are the best option right now for staying on top of energy consumption, but that’s on the tracking side – how can you actually cut consumption costs?

Tips and tricks

Here are some ways businesses of all sizes can stay on top of their energy consumption.

Minimise waste

The day’s over – it’s time to head home, but first, everything needs to be off. If everything’s saved on your computer and they can be switched off make sure they are. Even on sleep or standby, they can suck up energy all throughout the night. The same goes for all the lights and non-essential appliances in the staffroom and kitchen. If colleagues are out make sure all of their equipment in their space is switched off.

Remote working

The work from home revolution is far from over, not only can it offer employees increased freedom and flexibility with an option to say go for a jog or walk the dog during their lunch break, but it also reduces the office’s energy consumption. When working remotely fewer office resources are being used helping cut energy costs. A great number of businesses are downsizing offices and moving to a more permanent remote working model because through lockdowns employees have adapted to it and in fact, enjoy working from home.

Make it a policy

When in the office make sure employees are informed and on board with cost-cutting with business policies that stress the need to cut excess consumption. Keep them informed and up to date with leaflets and reminders around the workplace and in meetings and team calls remind management and employees alike on the need to keep costs at a minimum.