Tech interview? We help you prepare!

Have you been invited to do a job interview at a tech company after sending out your motivation letter? Then you have already done a great job!

Being invited is one step closer to reaching your goal. If working for the tech company you applied to has always been your dream, it is important to prepare yourself to the best of your ability. Are you stressed out a bit? Then don’t worry, we got you covered! In this article, we give you some tips and tricks so that you can prepare yourself for your tech interview in the best way possible.

Tech interview handshake

Dress professionally

You’re not applying to a sports or lifestyle brand. So showing up in an all-day t-shirt is probably not the best thing to do. But showing up in a suit is also not necessary unless you have an interview with a boardroom member. So what should you wear? Well, the best thing to do is dress like them, the person or people you have a conversation with. You can find out what they wear by simply looking at their website. Almost all companies have an ‘about us’ page on the website showing photos of all employees.

When in doubt, wear something that is or is close to business casual. A neat thin sweater (Dutch: dunne trui heren) made of wool or a henley sleeve (Dutch: henley shirt heren) combined with a colbert for example, always does well!

Prepare to demonstrate knowledge

In almost any interview, the interviewer will ask you to tell you something about yourself, your motivation and your work experience. But in the case of a tech interview, they may ask you to demonstrate your knowledge. For example, they may require you to do a real-time monitored challenge to see how you code. Or they ask you to do a business case which you have to present or discuss during the interview. Make sure that you always ask the recruiter what is expected of you during the interview.

Be on time

It sounds obvious, but unfortunately, a lot of interviewees show up late at their interviews. And that is an absolute no go. So make sure you plan your trip in advance and leave a little earlier. Do you have an online interview? Then make sure that you try out the link in advance. Is it working? Or do you need to download software in advance? Be prepared! Also make sure you have an extra Internet connection nearby, such as the WiFi hotspot on your phone. In case of eventual Internet connection failures, you can easily switch to the Internet on your phone.

Ask questions

Many people think that a job interview is all about answering the questions of the interviewer. But of course, there is also room for you to ask questions. After all, you also need to find out if the job and the company is something for you. Besides, asking zero questions will make you look disinterested and clueless. So make up some smart questions. About the job itself, your day-to-day activities, the company, its culture etc.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to rock your tech interview. Good luck!