Why new and shiny tech isn’t always your best option

Picking up a used, refurbished server could be considered a controversial business choice, but in reality, it is often the best option.

We all love new things, especially when it comes to tech. It feels good to have that brand new top-of-the-line router, switch, or server. Despite how alluring it can be, the best option is sometimes something tried and tested with a good track record. New doesn’t necessarily mean reliable and used doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be losing out on any performance. Refurbished tech can be just as useful.

Refurbished tech cleaning

Tech, especially data centre optimised tech can be incredibly costly and if it breaks down, repairs (or even worse, replacements) can cause huge unexpected expenses. This can happen to new and old tech alike.

Why you should consider refurbished

Reduced prices

Used products are cheaper. Even if only by a little bit. A car that has driven 500 miles will cost much less than a car that hasn’t driven any despite there being virtually no difference if any. The same goes for tech – you can find a refurbished server or router that can offer performance comparable to brand new models with hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds taken off the top.

As well as this, the second-hand and refurbished tech market is more competitive than newer products and their pricing. You will find that comparable products vary in price much less and with most leading tech E-commerce businesses offering price match guarantees you can ensure you are getting the best possible pricing for your product.

Tested by professionals

With refurbished technology, you can get a product still suited to your businesses’ needs, but with an assurance that you will have a product in great working order (a perfect example of this would be a refurbished server). Not only will your refurbished model have a solid track record of previous use, but most businesses will also have all of their refurbished models tried and tested by an experienced team of IT professionals to ensure that you are getting the best possible performance out of your tech.

Great warranties

Refurbished models often come with great warranties that offer you some assurance that should something go wrong there will be a team on hand to contact that will be able to quickly and effectively amend any technical or structural issues. Additionally, since these teams are often the same IT technicians who have tested your product, they will know exactly how things are supposed to function. With that knowledge, they will be able to amend any issues with confidence and care.

In a worst-case scenario where a product needs to be replaced, E-commerce tech businesses’ warranties often cover this offering an extra layer of assurance that you will receive a product in great condition and if you do not you will receive a replacement swiftly and without hassle.

Second hand is not second rate

It can be a common misconception that has the potential to cost businesses hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds. You aren’t skimping for cash by getting a high-quality, tested, refurbished piece of tech that has assurances of great performance. Skimping would be buying a cheaper version of a new model which has fewer assurances and questions surrounding reliability.

There are many trustworthy tech suppliers with knowledgeable teams who can guide you to a product that is right for your requirements. Often that product has been refurbished but that does not mean it is any less of a high-quality, high-performance product.

Save your business huge expenses and consider refurbished tech options.