4 things you need in an RPA partner

If your business is looking to implement robotic process automation to streamline your processes and increase efficiency, it’s crucial that you find the right RPA partner.

This partner can play a key role in how the business moves forward, as well as facilitating digitisation within the workplace. As RPA is becoming much more popular amongst organisations of all types, it’s important that your business has the right partner to hand to make sure it is implemented and used correctly. With that in mind, Robiquity considers 4 things you need in an RPA partner.

RPA partner handshake

Technological innovation

There are many different RPA providers out there, which makes finding the right one feel like a challenge. One of the important factors to consider is whether your RPA partner strives for innovation and progression. The right RPA partner should always be looking to advance its current offerings, with the technical expertise to guide your business to success when it comes to automation.

An efficient RPA partner should be able to offer tailored solutions based on your business’ needs and have the capacity to understand what support your team needs in order to achieve an effective partnership.

Proven reputation

If you’re just beginning your RPA journey, it’s likely you won’t know much about the available vendors, which can make it difficult to choose one. Look for their past successes and how they have helped others to achieve RPA, and consider which industries they have worked in.

Your chosen RPA partner should have the right industry knowledge to make it easy for your business to adopt the new software and understand its benefits. What’s more, an RPA partner should be able to provide customer support including demos and user training, so that your staff feel confident.


One of the biggest benefits of implementing RPA is its scalability. With that in mind, it’s important to choose an RPA partner that has a platform that can be scaled up or down as needs arise. Process volumes within your business may fluctuate at different times, which means there are peak times when demands are higher.

Your RPA solution must be optimised for scalability, ensuring the software can meet the necessary demands and ensure usage is optimal across the business. What’s more, your RPA partner should also be able to meet long-term company growth, resulting in a lasting relationship to assist with future initiatives.

Analytical reporting

The right RPA solution should offer insights and allow you to see the benefits of your investment. RPA partners that offer to report can really help to demonstrate their hard work, helping you to understand performance metrics and the ability to analyse operational metrics.

Reporting functions give you the opportunity to see what’s working and where there could be a further improvement, resulting in optimised RPA that can really add value to your business.