Build the ideal company using brand archetypal qualities

Brand archetypes are predetermined paths that can help you understand how to build the perfect business for your needs.

They are a set of qualities and attributes that describe your company’s personality and customer base. This article discusses how these brand archetypal qualities affect businesses today and what steps companies should take to create the ideal one for themselves.

brand archetypal qualities

Meet the 12 Jungian archetypes

  1. Caregiver: The caregiver provides a sense of safety and security.
  2. The king/queen: Often described as rulers, provide leadership, direction, and vision for the company.
  3. Sage/Explorer: The Sage the wise soul who has experienced much in life but still carries that child-like wonder with them wherever they go. They are not afraid to explore new avenues or ideas and can often see the big picture.
  4. Rebel: Rebels are a constant source of disruption and innovation in society. They enjoy challenging social norms while still staying true to their values and ethics when necessary.
  5. Hero: Heroes appear as larger-than-life figures who are often the driving force behind a company. They take pride in their work and know-how to get the job done right, all while maintaining composure during difficult times.
  6. Wizard: Wizards have an innate understanding of what the company needs for success. They acknowledge the fact that this must be tempered with ingenuity and resourcefulness or risk being left behind.
  7. Jester: Jesters are the light-hearted members of society. They bring fun to difficult situations and offer a more positive perspective on life. They enjoy exploring new things, finding humour in everyday moments, and helping others find their joy within themselves.
  8. Everyman: Everymen are not usually notable figures in society, but they are the backbone of it. They do not require fame or attention to be happy and provide stability for those around them.
  9. Provider: Providers take pride in their work and make sure that everything is running so that others can succeed with ease.
  10. Creator: Creators often enjoy making things happen on a grand scale and do not mind being in charge of the big picture.
  11. Loner: Loners often enjoy working independently on their projects, but they are still a vital part of any company.
  12. Empath: Empaths, the emotional members of society who have a great understanding of others. They believe in equality and helping those that need it most.

Using brand archetypal qualities

  • Understand your company’s needs to build brand Archetypes that fit your company’s needs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the brand archetypes guide to explore multiple brand archetypal qualities. This will help you find the ones that best represent you and your business.
  • Know what a brand archetype represents to understand how it will affect customer perception of your company, its brand value, design language, and more.

Top brand archetypes that every business should have.

A company should choose its archetypes depending on what qualities and attributes its business needs to succeed. The Caregiver, Provider, Creator, and ruler are vital archetypes that companies should have to create a well-rounded brand.

The Creator

Creators are the driving force behind a company. They take pride in their work while remaining levelheaded during challenging times. The creator helps to create goals for others and provides a well-rounded business.

The Ruler

They offer a sense of leadership and direction to create the perfect brand for your business. They provide a sense of security for the group, and people tend to trust them.

The Caregiver

They know how to keep employees safe from emotional harm and provide stability while still pushing boundaries to achieve new goals.

The Provider

The provider offers an excellent brand archetype for companies that are just starting. They offer stability while also keeping up with new ideas to guide where the company should go next.

How do these Jungian archetypes affect businesses today?

Many businesses thrive when they have a solid foundation of these four archetypes as their leaders. They know how to keep employees safe from emotional harm and provide stability while still pushing boundaries to achieve new goals.

Accurately defining your archetype will provide invaluable insight into your company’s core values and unique characteristics. This is crucial in determining who your target audiences should be and developing suitable marketing strategies.