4 ways to make your job listing get more clicks

When they first hire or look for employees, many companies hit a major snag when they realize that they aren’t getting enough responses. 

You may hope that your company would be different, but unfortunately, it can be hard to gather a good selection of leads! These are the top four ways to ensure your job listing gets more eyes on them!

job listing list

Know what makes your industry or company interesting

The things that make your company stand out will help grab the attention of anyone scrolling to look at jobs to apply to.  Your listing doesn’t have to lie or make a job seem like something it’s not: but you should try to make the most out of what you have to work with.

If the job is in the medical field or for a tech start-up: say it!  This type of work is the quickest to get snatched up, so it’s a good idea, to be honest, and get your information out there.

Put the biggest perks first as well.  This could mean flexible hours, sign-on bonuses, or extensive paid training: but use them wisely.  Job hunting will be looking for work that can best serve them; if your listing’s title doesn’t have anything to draw them in, they won’t click it.

An example of how to word these titles would be instead of saying ‘in-house transcription work overnight,’ you could say “Medical Transcriptionists Needed, Overnight Shifts Available: Will Train.”  Although the first title isn’t terrible, it can be improved.

Ensure you’re listing on the right sites

What sites are you posting your job listing to?  Are you using the same usual places, like Craigslist or other job-oriented sites: or are you picking sites that allow potential job-seekers the chance to preview information about the job without clicking into the listing?

The ideal job listing site gives you the chance to say more than just a twenty-word title.  Instead, seek out places that offer the opportunity to include a small blurb or graphic along with your job listing. According to Quality Contracts, a niche job board will improve your chances of your job being seen by the right audience. More clicks are only a good thing if the right audience is doing the clicking.

Consider which sites you share the listing on

Which social media accounts is your corporate handle sharing that it’s hiring on?  Almost every company has a Twitter now, but other sites like Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok show that they could help.  Sharing the listing on multiple social media sites will help get eyes on it.

Pay attention to how your different listings perform

Use applicant tracking software to see how your different listings perform. For example, do people click into the listing and leave after just a couple of minutes?  Do you notice some listings do far better than others?  If so, consider looking into the differences between these two listings.  Sometimes analyzing your numbers against each other can be a good chance to learn about what’s important to those looking for work.

If you notice that something isn’t working for your company, it’s not over!  There’s still time to figure out what went wrong and fix it.  Consider changing your title to catch eyes, removing information that may distract from the job, and switching up what time of day you post.