Do you need a separate lawyer for business and personal issues?

Life throws a multitude of obstacles at us at any given moment.

There are some incidents in life that you can be prepared for, but others you, unfortunately, can only be prepared for to a certain degree. Legal action can be taken against you for various reasons and can affect different parameters of your life. This includes the difference between your personal life and your business one, and there’s a difference as well for a lawyer for business and personal issues.

lawyer for business and personal issues

For the most part, these aspects of your life seamlessly coexist with one another, with some overlap taking place. While this line may well have become blurred due to the pandemic and transitioning to working from home, this line is usually well established and respected.

However, different parts of the law is applicable to both your personal and business lives and the issues associated with these aspects of our lives. While some aspects of these overlap, there is often confusion concerning who you turn to for legal advice when faced with these types of issues.

Suppose you find yourself in this position, then you have found yourself in the right place at the right time. Detailed below is a discussion concerning whether you need a separate lawyer for business and personal issues. Read on for more! Whether you are experiencing legal issues as you are reading this or looking for ways to protect yourself in the future, we feel confident you will find something of value here.

Business legal issues

It goes without saying, but businesses face a plethora of different legal issues, regardless of the industry you are in or your company’s size. Much like other elements of the world, you are not exempt from the law and must do what you can to remain compliant throughout your business venture.

While it is easy to say that the law is easy to understand, various laws specifically apply to businesses alone. It would help if you made a conscious effort to do your research and explore the rules you need to be aware of.

For example, when in the catering and hospitality industries, you will need to ensure that you stick to the health and safety guidelines associated with your line of work. At the same time, when handling food and other products, you need to make it the utmost priority that you are storing and serving food in line with any relevant laws.

More generically, legal issues that you can expect to face as a business include the likes relating to taxes, contracts, and various elements like these. These could have drastic consequences for businesses if they are not addressed and can be challenging to overcome without the assistance of a professional legal team.

Particularly when faced with legal action from other businesses, you want to do what you can to navigate what could be a potentially costly process. Using the services of dispute litigation solicitors in Manchester or Maidenhead, provided by organisations like Ashwood Solicitors and others, will ensure that you are as protected as possible when in these situations.

Legal action taken against you by other businesses could be harmful to your finances, reputation and other critical aspects of your company. Making a conscious effort to tackle these disputes before they reach a point of no return will make a difference over time.

At the same time, dispute litigation solicitors are not best suited to dealing with any legal issues you are experiencing in their personal lives. You would need to use a separate lawyer when addressing any legal issues in your business world versus your personal. This leads us to the next section.

Personal legal issues

Legal issues that you face in your personal life tend to deviate from those you find in the business world. As the legal issues differ, the ways that you tackle these issues are different as well. Not to mention, you would naturally need a different lawyer to assist with these types of situations too. Lawyers and solicitors specialise in other areas of the law. Therefore, it would not be ideal if you selected a business specialist lawyer to handle issues in your personal life.

Legal issues commonly found in your personal life can include such things as the following:

  • Making a will: One of the most common things you think of when considering legal issues in your personal life is inheritance and making a will. Not only do you work to ensure you can live a happy life, but lots of people also dedicate their lives to ensure they set their children up for a bright future. It can sometimes be difficult to make up a will and divide your assets. Qualified solicitors would be more than understanding and happy to help you with making your own will.
  • Personal Injury: Sustaining an injury in any capacity is not something that anyone likes to experience, nor can you prepare for them. Accidents happen when we least expect them and can often be the result of negligence from other people. It is in these moments that you should consider using the services of a personal injury lawyer. Someone who specialises in this aspect of the law would be better suited to get you the compensation you are owed than someone who specialises in business law.
  • Dealing with a noisy neighbour: Following a spike in the housing market due to the stamp duty holiday throughout the pandemic, there is no surprise that this is an element of your personal life where you would also need the services of a lawyer. There are many factors in which you may require guidance when living in a property. One such example is dealing with a noisy neighbour. You can’t just take matters into your own hands so you must act accordingly and get a legal team to help. Working alongside a team of solicitors, you can ensure the issue is dealt with, without anything coming back to bite you.

However, with that being said, nothing stops you from using the services of a solicitor who specialises in the business aspects of your life when you intend to buy a property for your business. They will be able to handle the paperwork associated while also negating anything critical that you need to organise before signing the deeds to your new property.

In conclusion, it is recommended that you use separate lawyers for handling any personal or business legal issues that you might be experiencing. While it might be tempting to use the same for both as a means of saving on potentially costly legal fees, cutting corners on this type of thing could be detrimental in the future.

When faced with legal action in any parameter, you want to do what you can to come to the other side as unscathed as possible. Doing your research into any available solicitors and lawyers – if you do not already have one – gives you the best possible chance to succeed in your efforts.

While this piece detailed a short snippet into the reasons why you need separate lawyers for your business and legal issues, we hope it has given some insight into how these coexisting elements of your life are oh so different at the same time. We can be sure of this; we hope whatever legal issues you might be facing are resolved as soon as possible.