Is customer service improved by company culture?

The way your company operates can affect your customer service. If you are communicating with customers or speaking to them face-to-face in any way, on any platform, they will pick up on your company culture.

With so much competition out there between businesses, it’s not always possible to compete on price. It doesn’t matter what product or service you are offering one area where businesses are looking to be the best is with their customer service. If you have a bitcoin prime website, or are selling products through an online store, your customer service needs to shine. So, can your company culture improve your customer service?

customer service and company cultureA positive working environment

Above all, your company should have a positive working environment throughout your company. A customer can hear in an employee’s tone if he or she is unhappy with where they work. This could be down to numerous factors. Long hours, poor management or tension with other members of staff. Make sure that your staff are happy in their working environment before you even begin to look at improving customer service. The kind of company that promotes great customer service through happy workers is clear. Any further steps for improving company culture will be much easier to implement.

How employees manage stress

An office that heads out for an after-work drink can affect your employees the following morning. Although this can appear to help manage employee stress, it can lead to a loss in productivity. If staff are constantly late or not performing due to their evening activities, they need other methods for de-stressing.

A comfortable break room, free tea and coffee, and the chance to take some time out of the office will all help your employees to deal with the stress of the job. The best way to understand what they need is through communication. Speak to your staff to see what they need, even a simple conversation about what they need can improve performance.


There are benefits to building a competitive atmosphere in the office. However, you could find that employees are keeping certain details close to their chests to get ahead. This can seriously backfire when more than one employee needs to deal with a customer. The line of communication needs to be without barriers so you can provide the best customer service, but this can be taken a step further with collaborative company culture.

When staff work closely together then you can be sure that more than just the account manager knows every detail of a customer account. So, if for any reason someone else has to deal with that customer there is a smooth transaction. Not only this but having more than one employee working on something can make solving potential issues much more efficient.

A collaborative company culture not only benefits customer service but the entire business.

Goals and focus

If employees don’t have any goals to work towards then they’re never going to work quite as hard as employees who have clear objectives. Employees should not only know the company’s focus and be actively working towards the overall company goals but they should also have their personal goals that they are encouraged to hit.

Corporate social responsibility

While corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities can often be looked on as veiled marketing activities, they can go a long way to creating a positive, feel-good environment in your company. Make sure everyone from the director to the newest recruits has a part to play in these activities and you’ll have everyone at your company feels good at what they are doing.

Customer service is absolutely improved by positive company culture. With happy, nurtured staff who have goals to work towards, you will have happy customers too.