What is fenbendazole, how does it work, and why should you care?

Fenbendazole is a cheap, easily synthesized anthelmintic medication effective against many types of hookworms, roundworms and flatworms in animals.

The latest events have shown that fenbendazole may be considered an anti-cancer medication. This chemical molecule is practically insoluble in water and often is provided as the non-hygroscopic white or creamy powder. Fenbendazole can be encapsulated in vegetarian capsules in the dosages of 222mg or 444mg or it can come in the tablet form of 150mg or 500mg for more pleasurable consumption.

It belongs to the benzimidazole class (see Fig.1) of organic compounds, like other well-known antiparasitic drugs mebendazole (for human use), albendazole (for human use), flubendazole (for human and veterinary use), oxfendazole (for veterinary use), parbendazole (for veterinary use) and anticancer drug nocodazole. It is worth mentioning that all these 6 benzimidazole-class molecules (alone or in combination with other drugs) kill cancer cells, not only nocodazole.

Fig. 1. Benzimidazole heterocyclic scaffold is a common structural motif for all of the discussed benzimidazole drugs. The structures bearing benzimidazole are relatively easily synthesized. This structural motif is thought to elevate the drug-likeness of the chemical compounds, may give them better physical and pharmacological properties.

A couple of experimental anticancer drugs, like abemaciclib (cell cycle inhibitor for metastatic breast cancer) and bendamustine (a DNA-alkylating drug for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL), non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and multiple myeloma) also belongs to the same class (benzimidazole) of compounds, but their anticancer mechanism differs from anthelmintic benzimidazoles’.

Pure fenbendazole powder and other anthelmintic benzimidazoles block the formation of the functional microtubules – the most important cytoskeleton structure of any eukaryotic cell that defines cell shape. Many well-known chemicals and official chemotherapy medications, such as paclitaxel, docetaxel, vinblastine, vincristine, podophyllotoxin (predecessor of etoposide) and colchicine (used in molecular biology). Also, fenbendazole works  by inhibiting alternative vital pathways – activates most important anticancer molecule p53 (molecule of the year 1993) and inhibits several enzymes responsible for glycolysis and glucose uptake, thus fenbendazole is both cytotoxic (kills cancer cells) and cytostatic (inhibits the growth of cancer).

Because of promising results confirmed in many different independent labs (tens of scientific publications about fenbendazole anticancer effect), several ongoing clinical trials and independent personal success stories of cancer patients, fenbendazole is being considered to be repurposed (at least in India) to officially treat cancer and maybe one day the part of the ReDO (Repurposing Drugs in Oncology) program and due to this fact, there’s a possibility to buy fenbendazole online.

Among the open-minded and medicine-interested people, fenbendazole usage is a rapidly evolving method to mediate the health of people, which are ex-cancer patients to prevent them from cancer relapse, as well as prophylactic mean to prevent healthy people from ever getting cancer and also to cure (most often with complemental chemotherapies) many different types of cancer in oncology patients.

It is worth mentioning that the solubility, uptake and bioavailability of oral fenbendazole is very limited, it can be speculated that the lack of effect seen in a couple of fenbendazole-involved scientific studies or in human cancer cases could have been a false-negative outcome, resulting from poor absorption of the ingested fenbendazole rather than from a true lack of antineoplastic activity. Special liposome-related formulations and nanoformulations can have up to 10 times better activity (activity was measured by its enhanced toxicity on parasites, not cancer), so additional scientific examinations of this field are needed to create a viable, non-toxic and convenient use of the formulation of fenbendazole and other poorly soluble anticancer drugs like niclosamide.

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