How Umwuga is changing the face of skilled worker recruitment

Imagine a community where you can chat directly to people looking to hire workers with the exact skillset that you possess. No agents or middle men; no commission or fees to pay. You can simply talk to potential employers about the job they need doing, why you are the best fit for them and what the terms and conditions are. Or, imagine connecting with people who can help you progress in your career. Peers, teachers, satisfied clients – all there to support and encourage each other in the world of work.

This community is called Umwuga, a recently launched social networking site designed to put skilled workers in touch with employers seeking their services. The concept is simple, yet highly effective, which is why Umwuga is growing rapidly in popularity. If you are experienced in cleaning work and want to find more homes to work in, you can chat directly to people looking for a trusted, reliable cleaner. Perhaps you are a plumber wanting to build up your network of clients. Umwuga can help you too by matching you with people in need of your services.

skilled workers umwugaThe list of skilled workers who can join the Umwuga community is extensive, from cleaners and plumbers to hairstylists, electricians, gardeners, handymen and many more. What’s more, it doesn’t cost you any money to join and use Umwuga. The majority of our community members hail from the UK, South Africa and other African countries. This means that you can start conversations with people from a wide geographical reach.

So, how does Umwuga work? You begin by creating a free profile that lists your skills, experience, client reviews and more. It’s up to you what you include in your profile, but the more detailed you can make it, the more successful you will be. This profile will be made visible to people seeking workers like you. It’s your opportunity to really sell yourself and give them a compelling reason to get in touch.

Your profile comprises an ‘About Me’ section to introduce yourself in writing or via a short video. You can then showcase previous work via the Portfolio and Experience pages. List skills, qualifications, awards and languages in the Line of Work section and add crucial detail about your personality and transferrable skills in the Reputation area. Finally, there is space to add Recommendations and Reviews to give your profile that all-important third-party endorsement. Creating and updating your Umwuga profile is free of charge. What’s more, you can make it shareable across other online platforms to enhance your job search even further.

When people make contact, you can chat directly to them, via Umwuga to negotiate the details of your employment, e.g. payments, working hours and rules. We leave you to it, but are here if you need support or advice. You can also connect with people who can help you progress in your career and really build your reputation and knowledge. Making valuable associations like these is also what the Umwuga network is here for.

If you are interested in learning more about Umwuga and is setting up your own profile, visit us at today. You’ll find lots of advice and information to help you get started, as well as details on how you can use the site as an employer too. Don’t let your job search grow cold and uninspired. Connect with like-minded people on Umwuga and secure excellent, well-paying jobs on your own terms.