Profitable Amazon marketing: Everything you need to know

Are your products on Amazon? Should you be doing Amazon marketing?

GA Agency, a boutique digital agency in London that specialises in several services such as Amazon Marketing, presents an overview of the leading marketing opportunities that the Amazon marketplace can offer to brands that want to grow with eCommerce.

amazon marketingWhy doing marketing on Amazon?

Amazon has become a key channel for many brands, especially considering that over 60% of online product searches happen on Amazon, surpassing Google.

We know that it’s important to be available on the platform. Still, between simply adding a few products to your catalogue and growing a brand successfully like some of Amazowl Agency’s clients, there’s a big difference.. The key component is marketing.

Doing marketing on Amazon has become a real necessity for brands, especially after increasing available products and the strong global competition.

How’s it possible to increase the visibility and sales of a brand and its products in such a saturated market? The secret is in the Amazon marketing strategy, which needs to allow the brand to take all the available opportunities on the platform.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most important ones:

Optimising the product listing

Managing and optimising the product page in the right way is fundamental, and it requires special attention for two reasons:

  • It allows your product to appear higher in the search results, positioning your product in a better spot than your competitors when users search and browse for products on Amazon.
  • It is the conversion point where you can communicate to the user that the product you offer is exactly what solves the issue encountered and fulfils their needs.

The optimisation of the product listing starts from a thorough analysis of keywords that users use when looking for the product they need. By starting from what users search, we are able to use a data-driven approach based on the relevance and popularity trends of keywords to find the most suitable ones for the product listing. The second step is to create high-quality content to allow the Amazon A10 algorithm to link the product to the keyword and show it in the search results. When we optimise a product listing, we adapt every aspect of it, such as the images, complete descriptions and all other key communication elements of the page.

Stores: Your website in Amazons’ marketplace

The Amazon Stores feature allows you to create a unique and personalised shopping experience for your customers, focused on the products you are selling on the Amazon marketplace, both on desktop and on mobile. Essentially, it is a dedicated website where you can show all your products divided by categories and add exclusive and informative content about your brand.

Here are 4 benefits of having an Amazon Store for your brand:

  • It increases traffic both internally (within Amazon) and externally (from Google)
  • It allows you to communicate the look and feel of your brand in a more effective and engaging way
  • It helps your products rank higher in the Amazon search results
  • It allows to sell and advertise new products to current customers

The Store feature is available for all registered brands on Amazon, so you can access it only if you are the owner or distributor for the brand.

Amazon advertising: The type of ads

Amazon offers its own advertising service within the platform, which allows sellers to advertise products to increase the visibility in the search results and increase sales. Amazon advertising, like most other advertising platforms, works on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis, which means you only get charged for ads when users click on them.

There are several types of ads on Amazon, each with specific features. Following is an outline of them and of their key features.

Sponsored products

This type of ad appears on the Amazon search results, both at the top of the page and mid-page results when scrolling down products. Sponsored product ads lead directly to the advertised product page. The targeting options for this type of ad are keywords and products. This means that you can target people searching for a specific product or searching for a particular keyword.

Sponsored brands

For sponsored brand ads, you will first need to register your brand through the Amazon Brand Registry dashboard to prove that you are the owner or distributor of the advertised brand. The uniqueness of sponsored brands is that you can both advertise your products and your brand in a horizontal format containing your logo, which will appear at the top of the search results page. With this ad type, it is possible to direct traffic both to the advertised products and to the Amazon Store of the brand. The targeting options available are by keyword and by product, while the objective of sponsored brand ads is usually to increase brand awareness in the marketplace and expand the customer base.

Sponsored display

Display ads are a bit different from the above, as they do not appear in the search results of Amazon. They appear on the product page when users browse the features of a product on its product page. The targeting options for display are also quite different. It is possible to target users who are browsing a specific product category or users that have previously viewed one of our products.

When should you advertise on Amazon?

Here are the 4 most compelling use cases of Amazon Ads based on our experience:

  1. Increasing the brand awareness and sales of a product
  2. Implementing up-selling & cross-selling strategies
  3. Promoting the new version/model of an existing product
  4. Promoting your products when users search competitor options

Promotions & coupons

One of the most significant opportunities for marketing on Amazon is the creation of promotions and coupons. The platform offers several options, and some of the most popular ones are Lighting Deals and Best Deals.

Best Deals are percentage discounts on the price, which allows your product to appear in the Best Deals section on the Amazon marketplace, which gets a lot of attention from users. Additionally, Lightning Deals are higher percentage discounts and are only on a limited amount of product, creating urgency and driving more sales. Another exciting feature is that of Coupons. These discounts are applied to the shopping cart and give products more visibility as products with a coupon discount have a badge on them, making them easily recognisable when browsing on the marketplace.