Great office design tips to improve performance

Any good business owner knows that investing in your company is important.

Whether it is your office building or equipment, it needs time and focus. With that being said, the most valuable thing you can invest in is your staff. Having well trained and capable staff is an incredibly important asset to any business. Luckily, we have some office design tips to improve performance, even for well trained staff.

office design tips improve performance

Every business needs well-trained staff. A lot of websites, such as cryptocurrency sites, are fuelled by making sure customers open an account with them. Which then leads to sales and business. However, if your staff are not trained in sales or finances, they would struggle to keep retention.

There are many wells to train up staff, but what happens if that does not improve performance enough? Your office space also influences your colleagues. Read on for some office design tips to improve performance.

The effect of office space on staff

Office set-up, whether in the actual premise or at home, massively affects work ethic. Having a positive environment affects productivity and work satisfaction. Many studies have shown that office space has a serious effect on work ethic

Use two screens – Studies have found that productivity increases dramatically with the edition of another screen. This is because it can increase efficiency and thus the amount of work that staff are able to complete.

Make sure the basics are there

It seems obvious, but every office needs to be well ventilated and well lit. A dimly lit office with poor ventilation will increase absenteeism and decrease work ethic. No one wants to work in a poor environment, and nor should they. Having a nice work environment is a basic requirement for employee happiness.

Lighting that is too bright results in eye strain and headaches. Ensure that your office has plenty of natural light. Natural light promotes health and wellness. It positively affects the mental well-being of your employees, so make sure you have plenty.

Organise your filing

The average employee spends 1.8 hours every day searching through documents. This stresses employees and decreases productivity. Ensuring an organised file system will help work get completed much more promptly.

Organise your teams

Each business has different teams for different tasks, and these teams will have different needs as well. Position each team carefully within your office space, making sure it is optimised for productivity.

Comfortable and ergonomic seating

On average, your staff will spend 8 hours a day at their desk, comfortability should be high on your list. A chair that is ergonomic, with back support, should be available for every staff member. Poor quality chairs will only result in a poor work ethic and back pains. This would also possibly increase time off due to back pain. So, make sure to invest in appropriate seating. Try looking at office furniture warehouses where you can pick up new and used furniture to suit all your needs.

Digitalise your documents

Like earlier stated, a lot of time is spent sifting through documents. For any document you can, you should digitalise it. This will also mean there is more office space and hopefully a clearer environment.

Plan your office space accordingly

Sometimes rearranging furniture can make all the difference and really open the space. An office design specialist would be useful for providing insight on how to design your office. They use software which can show you what your office will look like, without doing it yourself.

Try out these office design tips, and with any luck, you will see a boost in productivity.