Vehicle branding: Catchy designs that can boost your brand

It’s not hard to imagine how the best painters in the world would fare in today’s times. Would Pablo Picasso and his cubism movement rise to the top or would it be Leonardo da Vinci’s renaissance style that would rule the art world?

Already, Leo’s Mona Lisa is long considered the most expensive painting ever produced by man. Displayed in Louvre Museum in Paris, said the portrait of a smile was assessed at $100 million in 1962. In today’s valuation, that would translate to a whopping $860 million.

vehicle branding designsWhile we certainly cannot say for sure if the Renaissance masters would lead in today’s internet-focused world, we know for sure that design is making headlines in the corporate world. For one, Steve Jobs did study the art of calligraphy before he gave the world the iPhone. And in the process, the founder of Apple’s love for simplicity fueled a design revolution that’s evident even today after his passing.

Indeed, the best art designs have moved us as logos bearing names of the biggest brands. You really can’t mistake Apple’s iconic logo today. Moreover, corporate artworks have been moving around as branding on company vehicles. It’s paramount then that we explore how such a mobile company branding is making waves on the streets of America.

Influence your market without restrictions

Truth be told, branding is a long and winding process. Indeed, it tells you there’s nothing really easy about putting your business in front of your customer’s eyes. Think about it. To build a brand you may have to shell precious dollars to an ad agency.

There are currently about 4.12 million miles of road in America. That’s a lot of space for nearly 300 million vehicles to cover. Whether you like it or not, however, Americans spend an average of 2.24 trips daily totaling over 8 billion hours on the road driving.

When you deploy billboards to catch motorist attention, you easily rack up expenses, not to mention meet local restrictions. But you can free yourself of this burden by using your company vehicle as a moving billboard. That means you can reach your target market easily. You just have to drive to where they are.

Increase awareness

Visibility is key to promote your brand. For one, more and more people are going out these days. And that’s because public perception is changing. Millions have already been vaccinated against the virus. Even better, President Biden is doubling down on vaccinations in time for the fourth of July celebrations. That means there are more Americans wanting to enjoy the taste of freedom from months-long restrictions.

In short, more and more eyes can see your branded vehicle pass through. Even more awesome, you can have US DOT magnetic signs wrapped on your company truck’s body. This shows everyone that you’re a trusted brand that’s complied with the Department of Transportation requirements. To boot, it speaks of credibility. Gated communities can easily welcome such visible government-issued numbers plastered on your company car.

Not only are magnetic signs easy to remove and re-apply, but also they’re durable to last through thick and thin.

Wider advertising

When you advertise on the papers, you get a shot at fame for one day. Your brand is boosted during that time but no more. With TV ads, you could spend a fortune buying into one. Take note, however, that with more and more smart TVs on the market, ads may not be seen. Netflix, the top movie provider online, doesn’t parade ads on its platform.

You can also use YouTube ads. However, you’d have to swim against a slew of competition to get noticed, not to mention online viewers could just skip your ad altogether.

But with your brand’s business wraps on a vehicle, it’s in front of people’s eyes 24 hours a day. Even when your company car is parking, it can get noticed.

Positive branding

It’s a strong statement. When people see your visible beaming with your company brand, the immediate impression is your company is on the up and up. You’re gaining ground ahead of the competition.

Compare that to a company delivery truck that does not even carry its logos on its vehicles. It’s like seeing a person shy away from being exposed to a crowd.

And you need not look far to see how car branding works. As Amazon grew during the pandemic, the number of its delivery vans and trucks grew also by leaps and bounds. But you really can’t mistake them. They have that &ldquo Prime” logo with an upward arrow all over it. And you guess it right, the colors of these vehicles are identical.

It’s simple branding but it works. Just think of the millions of smiles Amazon has brought forward when people see those logos painted identically on each and every Amazon delivery car. No doubt these vehicles cause a stir when they’re in your neighborhood.