Choosing the right extendable table so it fits your space

How to choose the right extendable table so it properly fits your space

An extendable dining table has the potential to be the ultimate convenience tool for the busy home.  Compact enough to occupy minimal space at most times, though capable of accommodating additional guests with a quick adjustment.  Both for small and large dining spaces alike, there’s nothing quite as versatile as a good extendable table.

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But how can you ensure that the extendible dining table you choose is the right table for your space?

Truth is, there’s really no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for every dining space. Along with the dimensions of the table (extended and in its more compact form), it’s also important to consider styling, material quality and ease of operation.

In brief, these are the most important questions that should be asked before taking home an extendable dining table:

1. How much space do I have available?

The primary point of appeal with an extendable dining table is its capability to accommodate additional guests. Nevertheless, this is only relevant if your dining space can comfortably house the table in its fully extended form, along with the additional chairs required.

Remember that along with accommodating the table itself, there still needs to be sufficient space to move around the room comfortably. A cramped and overcrowded dining space quickly becomes uncomfortable, so be realistic about how much space you have available.

2. How easy is the table to adjust?

The very best contemporary dining tables are comprehensively easy to operate. They feature intelligent mechanisms that allow them to be extended and returned to their original form with ease. No heavy lifting or complex adjustments, and the entire process takes just a few seconds.

However, the same cannot necessarily be said for lower-quality adjustable tables, or those from years/decades gone by. Some of which can be extremely difficult and laborious to adjust at the best of times. It’s therefore worth questioning the user-friendliness of the table you’re thinking of buying, before placing your order.

3. What is your current interior décor style?

An extendable table can be as understated or ostentatious as you want it to be. It’s entirely up to you, as there really is no shortage of options available.  Nevertheless, it’s important to ensure that you choose something that appropriately complements your interior décor style.

That said, a high-quality adjustable dining table can be quite transformative in its own right. It can be an imposing and eye-catching feature for space or something that blends seamlessly in with its surroundings. Just be mindful of the potential for the design of your table to clash with your current décor, unless planning on redecorating your dining room in the near future.

4. How durable are the materials and the mechanism?

As with all furniture, quality standards vary significantly from one extendable dining table to the next. Some are manufactured from the most durable materials money can buy, with equally robust mechanisms to stand the test of time. These are the kinds of extendable dining tables with an indefinite lifespan, and with the added advantage of little to no required maintenance.

At the opposite end of the market, you have the kind of furniture that is more or less disposable in nature. Low-grade materials and poorly-made mechanisms combine to create a table you’ll be lucky to get even a few years’ uses out of.  Always consider long-term value for money when shopping for an extendable table, which should be prioritised over the initial purchase price.

5. Are there corresponding chairs available?

Of course, this is only an issue if you intend to pair a dining table with a set of corresponding chairs. More often than not, it’s perfectly possible to pick up chairs that perfectly complement any dining table of any style.

But if you have your sights set on a full matching set of furniture for your dining room, it’s something to look into at an early stage. Though it should be made relatively clear by the manufacturer whether corresponding chairs and other accessories are available.

6. Will there be any possible accessibility issues?

Last but not least, it is important to consider whether there may be any accessibility issues when the table is delivered to your home. This means taking into account the dimensions of the table, along with the dimensions of your home’s entrances and hallways.

This is unlikely to prove an issue if purchasing an extendable table that is shipped partially disassembled, to be completed upon delivery. However, it could present problems when placing orders for fully-assembled furniture, so be sure to consult the seller if you have any concerns.