Men’s business suit ideas for 2021

With more and more of us returning to the office and this trend likely to continue well into the latter half of 2021, many have suddenly found themselves lacking in the business suit department. Add to this the fact that lockdown has meant that many have either lost or gained a few pounds depending on one’s regime, the need to freshen up the business wardrobe is triggered by a couple of factors.

business suit walking

As for the suit itself, despite a definite trend towards more casual attire in many workplaces the suit endures and will continue to do so. Maybe the way we wear it has and will continue to evolve, but the fact remains that the suit is a pleasure to wear as long as you choose the right fabric and fit, aesthetically pleasing and is actually very practical in its form.

Trends for 2021

Bright as a button or…brown?

While business suits until very recently were restricted to fairly conservative colours such as black, grey or navy blue, now you have a whole array of colour choices, from green to pale blue or burnt orange. While some workplaces may still frown on such colours, there are far more that embrace this individuality and boldness. Maybe this is the year for you to take the plunge. Brown, meanwhile has long been tarred with the fashion faux pas brush in the context of men’s suits, but there has been something of a wind change in this respect and there are some stunning examples out there. You might want to look for a slim-fitting suit with woven stretch fabric.

Slim fit

A slim fit is not for everybody but can look spectacular, especially in double-breasted grey, with checked detailing. It is a thoroughly contemporary approach that screams self-confidence. If you have the flexibility then a quality black round neck t-shirt underneath a hound’s tooth checked, grey slim-fitting suit, with a nice pair of black shoes is a striking look that is hard to beat.

Nothing wrong with navy

Traditional navy two-button jacketed suits are still very much on point and there are a wide variety of options to seek out. Wool blends will be popular, especially during the warmer months.

A more relaxed double-breasted suit

Suits for men have also evolved in terms of style and design, with option such as double-breasted suits becoming more popular in 2021.

In recent years, the double-breasted suit has suffered from accusations of stuffiness, but thanks to some ingenious design work, we now have some great double-breasted men’s business suits to choose from that benefit from lighter, softer materials to give them a more relaxed feel in keeping with contemporary trends.

Earn your stripes

The wool or wool blend suit with chalk pinstripes is proving one of the biggest talking points in men’s business suit trends in 2021. You want to look for a so-called ‘rectangular’ cut, falling fairly straight from the shoulders and the jacket should be paired with matching trousers. It is a very flexible look that can even be worn more casually, with a pair of white canvas trainers. The way we wear suits is shifting – the time to get on board is now.